While we’re at the beginning of modernity let’s hop to the Netherlands why don’t we

By the 1530s, the writings of Erasmus accounted for 10 to 20 percent of all book sales in Europe.

Here is Voegelin

In More as in Erasmus we can observe the transformation of the spiritual power into the power of the secular intellectual

This was going on 500 years ago and atheists today see themselves as doing something new.

He says the teachers of scholasticism in Erasmus’ day focused on irrelevant problems like the proverbial how many angels can dance on the head of a pin

most likely to convey the impression to an intelligent, sensitive young man that Christianity could be found anywhere in the world except in the stuff that they dished out.

I feel like the modern-day church is the same. Priests don’t tend to be as persuasive as someone like Chesterton for instance. When I read him I’m usually convinced of the truth of Christianity- same can’t be said of the churches I’ve sat in.

Anyway, Erasmus and More are usually considered the two main thinkers of the Northern Renaissance, and they happened to be friends actually. Their chief works were written just a few years before Luther nailed his theses to the church door. The modern-day person is arguably a lot more like these two than they are to Luther. Everyone knows we left the middle ages. What people don’t tend to know is that there were a few key minds that were behind that.

Just looking at people’s takes on these two, and I’m surprised to find this, a couple more thinkers who would probably be kicked out of society today

You always hear about the Renaissance of the south, never the north.

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