Decided to feel like a dirty person and type “philosophy of business” into z-library. If I only care about what I care about my family will never understand me, I’ll never find a viable mate, etc. etc. It’s such an illusion, all that though. “Shut up, we don’t want to hear it, la la la la.” It seems like business people are still in business-mode into their 50s. What is the point of that? I hate people like that. They need to have an institution where people like me can write highly critical things about society. So many stupid careers out there. “The point of life is to be a cog, just accept it.” People literally are not interested in truth, I don’t know why I bother anyway. God has left humanity is what it seems like. In so many ways. It’s like that muzzle I mentioned earlier. Why are people only paid if they’re wearing a muzzle? Something not right about that world? It’s all such a joke, and so many seem to be “happy” that way. Time to give me 100 billion dollars so I can start an institution for real philosophy you twats. “Why? I’m the very one you criticize.” Society will change and you won’t need a muzzle anymore, how’s that sound Fido? Eh I guess Socrates was a sculptor. Spinoza died from inhaling shards of the lenses he ground. It almost seems like it’s timeless to not have the kind of institution I speak of. Well that’s obvious in light of all the things I say about the “theological-political”. Still seems like it’s possible, and people are just too protective of their illusions. Yeah dude it’s a blowup doll that loves you for being a zogslave, I can’t imagine that makes you happy to hear. The only way to change that reality is with an institution which most of society will initially regard as an academy of evil. And all the bots can do is laugh at me in their bitterness “Haha go be a sculptor!” Why don’t you just want an institution free of the state you retard? How bitter can you be? This is slaveworld, there is no consciousness above it, and you can only stew in your bitterness for being recognized as one of those slaves? No love, no friendship, no career is possible for Prometheans. They don’t want paradigm-shifts in society, this is how our culture is “conservative” in the creepingly slow to the point of stagnancy sense. All the best anons I know should have brick and mortar institutions and be wearing suits and ties within them. They’re the wisest ones of our society. This is the absolute state of things.

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