Looking at “rares” of photos of Heidegger, since he’s one of the main ones that leads me to feel so out of place in the modern world. If Einstein wasn’t really “Einstein” would you be able to accept that? That’s just where I am in life, it seems he was the true genius of the 20th century. The French knew it too, they just tried to subvert him. And now we mostly have their subversions of him rather than him himself. It’s sad to face that fact. You know the connotation the Italian Renaissance has? If you study certain writers close enough the Germans seem to be far beyond that. All we have from that time here in our Age of the Plebs is Marx. I admit Marx is one of my favorites in certain ways, it’s just the rest of the tradition surrounding him is forgotten. He and approximately five others are important to understand, and most people only have a vague awareness of what he was about and no idea at all about the other five. “Tell me about the philosophy of business.” I don’t know about that, I’m more obsessive about the other ones. Do you keep track of some of these names? Iamblichus is good and all, then you read Heidegger and it’s actually like participating in theurgy. That’s the only way Euros can understand the divine, the way he talks. And he died in the 70s, so even he invites parody, “Ah look at here, a priest!” The brains of the west since then haven’t taken him in an appropriate direction in my opinion. Both the Anglos and the French only distort his meaning. You want to “go to church”, then Heidegger is preferable to any of them. Do you see how much war affects reality? Someone who is probably Einstein is only misinterpreted by critics for decades. And you have to understand that I say this on a site with the URL that I do. I.e. the Einstein of the 20th century isn’t as important to me as the Einstein of the 19th. This is a “Bloomian” awareness of things, sorry I’m not a Jew, I have my own interpretation of all of it. The reason I’m so indignant, so defiant, is because I’ve never read a living person who is more profound than either of these Germans from the 20th and 19th centuries. Strauss is helpful, yes, extremely helpful in fact. The non-PC way of looking at him though is that he is part of their horizon. That’s what’s good about him, he’s anti-modern in that way. Minds shine only so much in a given century, and there are ones that shine the brightest of all. These are the ones I try to tell you about.

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