Good question

is an immediate experience and enjoyment of mythology still in any sense possible?

I’m trying to get mythpilled since I’m a decadent modern myself.

This writer likens it to music, in that in certain times the greatest “thoughts” could only be expressed in that medium, and that one needs a special “ear” to appreciate it.

The myth, he says, is not an explanation put forward to satisfy scientific curiosity; it is the re-arising of a primordial reality in narrative form.

This is the conclusion of the anthropologist Malinowski who spent a few years with natives of the Trobriand Islands.

The past is repeatedly reborn. It’s not perceived as a “historical” past, it’s perceived as the beginning, the origin. Philosophers say what is, tellers of myths say what was. In saying what was they say what is. The world began, and the world begins again.

It’s difficult to focus for much time on mythology because it seems so obsolete. Our myths today are historical. Lincoln for instance is a sort of origin for us. Lincolnisms like the civil rights movement are seen as when history really began. Even that isn’t enough because it’s so sexist that MLK wasn’t a woman. A given Lincolnism is picked up and dusted off to shine even more Lincolnly each time. They look to immanentize the eschaton so that everyone is autonomous, so that everyone has a sovereign will. That’s what’s really going on with progs. It’s a noble goal, it’s just that the means they use are ineffective and even counter-productive. The proto-Lincolnism of the Revolutionary War is what it stems from, the hatred of British royalty. They want a world where there’s no one telling anyone else what to do. As long as the chosens help them carry out that goal they’ll let THEM tell them what to do. My perspective? They’re often objects who aren’t responsible to decide for themselves what to do. When you are a realistic person you begin to see women in a similar way that you look at some primitive tribe that lives in huts. They need to be told what to do. I’m not going to keep pretending they aren’t inferior while they continue to ruin their lives. They are brainless objects. Most of them anyway. Without guidance they walk off a cliff. Their world revolves around men and they can’t even get that right. I want to tell them “Get a hobby” and I know they won’t. So many of them seem to identify as a thing that gets fucked. And it’s so faceless. Their world revolves around an emptiness. It reminds me of that story I told you of the time I was a teen and fucked my couch cushions. That’s what other people are these days it seems- they have the interchangeable personality of a couch. Text the couch to stop over. It sure seems empty to me. -checks watch- Look at the time, it’s a new month, time to text the sofa this time. I’m in the mood for one with throw pillows on it this time. No personality there. What color couch do you want to fuck this month? Sorry I’ve grown up and look for something permanent. Something with a unique personality. Preferably that doesn’t define itself as a thing that gets fucked. I know I’m asking for a lot here. Same reason you don’t give a kid a crackpipe for their 14th birthday. They just want to get high all the time instead of seeking real fulfillment in life. That’s what happens when you leave bioleninists to their own devices. They need to be told what to do. The myths we have in our culture are not helping with that at all. Offering guidance is seen as being a nazi. Being strict, having taste, that makes you a nazi. “I’m a nazi about what couch I decide for each given month.” Single mom with a brat bastard in the future detected. Or a spinster who increasingly feels heavier and more soul-crushing despair each year she ages and sees more grays and wrinkles in the mirror, all alone in a quiet house save for the smelly cat that rubs against their leg and meows. You do you, no one’s going to tell YOU what to do, you’ve got it all figured out. Thank god, the new lincolnism of the hippies freed the slaves so they can do whatever they want, enjoy fucking a couch until you’re so old even they avoid you.

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