An interdisciplinary study on authenticity. The psychiatry perspective is that the lack thereof causes mental disorders. Ya think? A doctor is saying this, isn’t that precious. Authenticity is another way of saying sincerity and honesty. I don’t really see much of that… So, being a phony makes you mentally ill, who would’ve guessed? “That’s not me, thankfully.” It’s never you, never.

Everyone is like this to each other

Therapists are supposed to adjust to their patients in the fashion of an “authentic chameleon”

That’s an oxymoron. “Life is play-acting, join the real world.” So I can have your mental disorder too?

Look, the first doctors for this, good to know

Historically, Herder and Rousseau constitute the fundament of the modern concept of authenticity.

“I’m an authentic shill.” That IS true in many cases. It’s always everyone else and never you though, right?

That gives me a good hearty laugh.

“No, seriously, that’s my true self, don’t laugh at me.”

This is dark

According to current usage, being ‘authentic’ is used as a high value word today

It IS seen as a virtue. It’s arguably a seeming authenticity that is prized. You’re supposed to be a liar and seem genuine about it. That’s how this fake society is able to function at all. If people didn’t SEEM authentic it would all implode on itself in a second.

Here’s a clear way of looking at the concept in question

To be ‘real’ or ‘true’ to oneself as synonymous with ‘authentic’, on the other hand, suggests that one can also be unreal or false, be it because somebody’s pretending to be somebody else or other, be it because one is only pretending with one voice or partly stands for something.

Silence could be considered a form of inauthenticity too I would say. It should be too obvious to need to be stated and yet here I am- not being able to be yourself causes mental disorders. It’s good to see psychiatrists confirm what I suspected, though I’m sure they’d resent the context I’m speaking about authenticity in.

“a” or thee

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