One of the mysteries of the 20th century (if you’re in to that kind of thing)

She dropped dead at the age of 69. She’s similar to Jenny to me in a way. Except with Heidegger it’s a different dynamic, if you know about that. I don’t think the Jewesses of today are like grandma Hannah, though they look just like her. She wasn’t an Ostjude, though her family was from Königsberg, Kant’s hometown. If you remember Franzos, her grandpa (from the same generation as him) was similar in that he identified as a German and wanted to get away from the totalitarian culture of orthodox Judaism. This is probably the greatest Jewish female philosopher that’s ever lived we’re talking about here. They were kept illiterate until recently so it’s no surprise. So again it’s like Jenny in a way- What is HER perspective on things? Just to be an objective person, I think the holocaust affected her too and see her as a sort of “shaken individual” to be honest with you. Still, she at least has one foot in the Atlantean world, whereas the Jewesses of today seem to be aligned heart and soul with the postwar zeitgeist. This is the closest thing to an Übermensch you’re going to get with this particular “type” of person in my opinion. “It’s Satan talking to me right now!” No, Satan is the kind of people who don’t care if you never know that she ever existed. I have to warn you, she isn’t easy to understand, especially if you’re only used to reading Hannah Goldstein in whatever comic book they sell as “newspapers” to adults these days. I feel like I’m lifting the lid of a coffin and Arendt is in there more alive than anyone today. That’s what you get with time’s motions, the rise and fall, and we’re in a fall at present. You won the war and you lost ultimately. And no one wants to admit it. There’s probably not going to be an Arendt again. “That’s good, people like her make everyone jealous.” If you look at it that way I feel sorry for you. The proper attitude is to admire great minds. Heh I can actually think of another Jewess who was a contemporary of Arendt’s whose name I won’t even say because so much ressentiment has collected around her. I actually like her more than Arendt, too bad I won’t say her name. This one is actually an artist, that’s why she’s more well-known (well-hated). Arendt was a cloudperson and thus distant from the crowd. I like to think there are Aryans reading this and know who I’m talking about. I can look at the history of ideas and have no ressentiment about da jooz, while skinheads tend to not be able to do that. Very few actual Atlanteans have survived. Most people tend to be “authentic shills” as I said. Then the minority that has escaped the status quo tends to have its own pathologies. No, I admire cloudpeople, and our Jewish order hates them, so I want it to die. Arendt was an Athenian who was traumatized by the holocaust. Good luck finding that in a secondary text. “Wow, so you’re implying that the ones who doctrinally hate cloudpeople were put in gas chambers?”

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