Might as well turn now to the one known as the father of art history. Guess who that is? Some would say Hegel. “How do these geniuses talk knowingly about so many different subjects?” They’re geniuses, that’s why.

Let’s go right to the pinnacle of the pyramid why don’t we

In claiming poetry’s superiority, as Rutter points out, Hegel follows Kant, A. W. Schlegel, and Schelling

He interprets the rest of the arts through poetry

fails to be “poetic” in the more general sense—and so is no longer sensuously embodying truth.

“Truth? What’s truth gotta do with it? I only like SENSATIONS!” Okay, you don’t like fine art. People don’t really like to reflect. They like to experience and not think. We can bring in the controversial artform of the video game here perhaps. That’s the most “vegetable-like” I ever felt in my life when I was RuneScapin’. Then of course a similar sensation of numbness is achieved when watching an entire season of some show in one sitting. “I can’t believe it, he found me out, I love to be a vegetable, it’s a dirty secret of mine!” Like I said, your opinions don’t matter if you’re a vegetable. I try to show you how to be a thinking person.

I think of satire too. The kind you see today is too pleasant, it just makes people numb. Now THAT’S a clown that creates that. Ugh, then I think of current events / news – more numbness, not much reflection is prompted with that. Immediate bestial sensation, instant gratification, the light in the skull remains switched off. Those pictures from earlier are still making me laugh, you’re blessed that I didn’t show you one of the other ones I saw, you’re not ready for that, that’s for a lucky someone in private life.

I love when people talk like this

I interpret the MSM as failed poetry. In Kant’s sense, it definitely does not facilitate an elevated conversation.

You might expect that I always have in mind “the theological-political”. Philosophy that never considers that or pretends it doesn’t exist is a type of failed art. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve said I love the adventure genre. There’s a difference between that and fine art. All this to say that there isn’t much reflection going on in society.

Going back to Hegel though, most studies written on his aesthetic theory about poetry are on tragedy. What art most sensuously embodies truth (for him, the “ideal”) – tragedy seems to be the consensus. He’s very precise about concepts. Once poetry causes too much reflection it then shifts into the concept of philosophy. “So you’re presupposing that reflection is the be-all end-all.” Thinking is what separates us from animals, so in a way yeah. And I think most of us can agree with Kant that it’s good to have a thoughtful conversation with someone.

Ah you know that this makes me froth at the mouth

His philosophy not only places tragedy and comedy within a systematic hierarchy of the arts, … none of Hegel’s major philosophical successors would treat both tragedy and comedy with as much systematic thoroughness or historical detail.

I don’t know why people don’t talk like this

poetry is the most perfect of the fine arts and that drama is the highest form of poetry

Don’t you want beauty and reflection in your life?

There are ways of talking in the academy they get away with that aren’t gotten away with in ~polite society~ I suppose. It is a true “higher society” in that sense. This aristocratic caste escapes democracy, though they have to speak carefully. My first post of today probably sheds light on that. Let’s just say that the highest form of drama, and thus the finest art, would be political in a particular way and they’d never dare touch that.

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