Ah my first glimpse at a non sellout for what seems like months. It’s so refreshing even if it’s only a half non sellout. If only you knew how mathematical their maoism really is. Opinion control is near absolute. You don’t even remember anymore. It’s just spiritual feds accusing each other of being spiritual feds. You are owned. And you probably don’t even care, because why would a spiritual fed care? It’s all so sad, the digital revolution is a farce. The only ones they keep around are for the prevention of reflection. They keep people on a slightly post-normie plane of awareness, just enough so they don’t feel guilty about being a total sellout. Life is about being identical or near-identical cookie-cutter people. I don’t know about that. They must find contentment in being a spiritual fed, I’ll never understand. It’s submitting consciousness to the poors and whores, merchants and servants, the weak-willed, the tribal savage in white clothes, it’s deciding to be One with all that. No thanks, I like to keep away from them. Being a sellout of necessity means you make a pact with the less than human and take on their characteristics yourself. Caring about truth is for white men. You just decide to live in bitch nigger illusion. Whatever brings you “contentment”. It’s crazy though, it feels like months since I saw a glimpse of someone who is not like that. They’re extremely effective at making you forget that’s not the only reality.

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