Just finding amusement in joking around with the bros, “as it ever was”. You have to present yourself to a world of subhumans and that makes discourse difficult. “I’m not in that club, shut up!” Right, you see women, browns, blacks, kikes as people, okay. Honestly I see them as having a nature that makes them fit for servitude so I wonder how they could be properly used. Is this “funny” to you, because it’s funny to me. Okay, the stone here has an opinion about something. Are you a fern? You’re a mineral or a plant or something? What am I supposed to make of such an imbecile? At least white men from time to time can show that they are not some worthless object. What are you socialists doing, really? You want all people to not have consciousness. You are a drooling retard. Who cares if you were murdered?

Just looking at the world from a “severe European” perspective my initial thought is to concede to the progs that ontologically speaking the world is one. After that, that’s when it gets controversial. You ever see a prog wonder in public about what the purpose of the one IS? It isn’t to be stupid like a woman or a nigger, I know that, and especially a Jew who deserves death more than anyone. All forms of stupidity. Do you like this “Country Club”? I’m just playing golf with you pieces of shit, do you not like how I talk? “He’s right about me!”

Ehh I don’t know what to tell you, the Divine has historically been related to “white” for centuries and centuries, white and light. Any pact with the dirtbrowns, dumbniggers, you’re just uh… You’re probably some kind of “not-light” yourself. They seriously brainwash people using algorithms these days to accept being dark, i.e. far from the divine. Okay, you ever objectively study countries in South America and Africa? They might as well be a form of unevolved ape. “We need to make excuses!”. Honey, please leave this place, I am talking to white men who aren’t over-emotional.

You guys exist? There are levels of over-emotional. I realized today that Immanuel Kant is one of those who define that. What I try to do is create a “secret society” with all the best minds for you to speak with, and he is among the uppermost. You don’t want to mess with him, mostly ressentiment can follow from experience with Kant. He and Shakespeare and possibly only a few others define what white is in my mind.

There’s a zoom-out perspective on this- aesthetic taste only appreciates this kind. Moliere is so far in hell, even Dante, most art is at a lower level of being. There are five or ten or so of Germans who are a step above the modern world. “I’m looking to get green and get hookers.” Yes, you are part of the nigger consciousness. We Euros see that as quite sad. If you were a sellout why would I ever want to play a game with you?

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