It’s difficult to tell the truth because it’s so alienating. I think evolutionary theory is one of the most dangerous lenses to view the world through. People want to think that you can just snap your fingers and all of a sudden people are equal. No, half the population evolved to be baby-machines. They truly are machines, i.e. don’t have much conscious thought. Others evolved to be merchants, i.e. don’t have much conscious thought. Only a minority of the world population evolved to have conscious thought. They often have blue eyes. If their eyes aren’t light their skin often is.

It’s alienating to say that certain types of humans evolved with certain types of specialization. Some don’t have any specialization at all in fact, they evolved to reproduce themselves. We often do call these subhumans, or at least I do. They can speak the prevailing language and they can say platitudes, that’s about all they’re capable of. The unthinking machines get angry when you don’t play the game and pretend they aren’t retarded. Yes, they are. One of their main features in fact is hating people who are conscious. That only proves that they’re irredeemably brainless. There are so many people like this and it’s so normal that it’s easy to forget. Yes, that’s mostly what leftists and democrats are, they represent the wretched subhumans who are unthinking machines that only evolved to reproduce themselves. Say it aloud (if you’re alone without spiritual feds around) White Niggers. Say it. You have to be very aware of them or you will be pulled into their machinery. They want all forms of consciousness to be turned into a cog. Just learn how to hear them talk and immediately conclude “white nigger” and you’ll be better off. They evolved to work on a farm or in a factory, find an ugly baby-machine, and reproduce themselves. They know working, eating, and fucking, they don’t know thinking. White nigger, your opinion is worth nothing. And we haven’t even gotten to the darkies yet. There’s foraging in the wilderness, there’s farming, and there’s factory work. All the different types of people from these various domains have just as varied gradations of consciousness. Technology and the science of management led multiple generations of certain whites to evolve throughout the industrial revolution. That’s a lot different from needing to survive like an animal in a jungle. There’s also the literacy and theological factor. The great majority of humanity couldn’t read until recently and only a minority of those that could had a more or less clear perception of what the divine is. This breaks whites into two types- Christian priests and Christians. Yes, I’ll go ahead and say it- historically illiterate Christians are a type of nigger. At least they were taught Christianity though, and farmed. That’s better than living in a jungle. Certain white brahmins of today see Christian priests as niggers too. That’s an old form of consciousness. I.e. it isn’t true consciousness. True consciousness recognizes all the different sorts of subhumans for what they are, i.e. machines whose words are close to meaningless. They evolved to not have a direct relation with the divine (or “truth” or what have you), they evolved only to reproduce themselves within a fallen order, that is, they evolved to worship Mammon in order to “earn” a blowup doll that will create a young version of them that repeats the process. Is this a “disturbing” way of looking at life? Maybe. I also think it’s an accurate one. Don’t let them turn you into a cog, they seek to reverse the evolution of the minority that has separated from their mindless machine ways. Just say it. It’s a nigger.

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