A book on secrets of the Golden Dawn

They took their oaths extremely seriously and would not tell anyone anything unless the person asked the right question or showed that they knew what they were talking about. As a result, getting information out of some of them was like getting blood out of a stone.

They had a temple in New Zealand that continued into the 1970s and one of the initiates wrote a book in the 2000s.

much material was actually burnt by the chiefs when the Order shut its doors.

I’ve posted about Israel Regardie before, you might remember him. His books are only on the teachings of the Outer Order. I.e. the exoteric Golden Dawn.

That is to say, the last three grades are not included in his writings

NOTE- there’s a reason that adepts are kept away from certain knowledge. There’s a reason they burned the documents. “I need to know!” Regardie was a wise man and extremely erudite, and he was only at the 5=6 grade. Are you sure you’re someone who should be playing around with this stuff?

Think about elitist mathematicians who say “You won’t understand.” There’s something similar in the world of “priests”.

The 6=5 grade studied the Portal

What happens when you go through that as a neophyte? It can’t be good. That causes people to be demented. DEMONted.

An approximate parallel is when shallow people take entheogens. They get a false sense of enlightenment and an ego-inflation. These are neophytes that believe they are initiates.

This itself is likely going to be an exoteric book

One claimed he was a 7=4 and then in the same breath was asked if I had any 7=4 papers – as he was never given any.

You know that poet Yeats? There’s a study on his relation to the Golden Dawn you can download here. I see him as a means of giving all this some sort of legitimacy, because usually it’s written off as obscurantism. If you think of my previous post, it’s clear, at least to me, that there are blatantly distinguishable gradations of consciousness. The GD can help us go even further. Yes, “us”. The sellouts I was ranting about yesterday are confined not only politically. They also live in a spiritual prison, and they will die that way.

You ever wondered about what those Northmen talked about around the fire? Wotan was the guardian of sacred knowledge and secret lore. Speaking of evolutionary theory, living in the snow is not the same as living in the jungle. You need to have a more futural thinking, you can’t just lay down anywhere and fall asleep because you’ll freeze to death. The Golden Dawn had its headquarters in London, another place that is not known for always being warm. Germanic peoples of all sorts. Certain “plants” only grow in certain climates. And some plants of the frost only evolved to live in igloos. “There’s nothing wrong with that.” Spiritual neophytes.

Note, they don’t have fur on their face- monkeys are an even lesser neophyte

Even many monkeys don’t have fur on the face, because they express emotions to others

Do furry-faced cows experience emotion? Probably on some level. Mostly their life is about eating, shitting, sleeping, and humping.

There are gradations of emotion.

Would you call Kant’s writings, or advanced mathematics or mysticism “emotion”? It might be approximately called that. It’s higher experiences of emotion. And all humans are born without a furry face so it can be misleading which of them are more similar to the kinds of monkeys that don’t have a furry face. Is this a “painful” subject? Quite. You’re the one that decided to walk into this GD temple. A curious monkey? In many cases that is probably true.

Here, I give you this again, you’re cute

Here is a link to the book I’ve been drawing from.

It’s possible to evolve from a monkey to a human in this life, for some. Others are born as furry-faced cows and don’t have the emotion that prods them into wanting to develop into a higher life-form.

This might be a surprise to some, maybe some will prefer this study

Our ughleets have their occult orders, we can have ours.

In the time of the death of god, rather than allowing others to persist in their nihilistic atheism I adopt the attitude of “might as well go all the way” and reveal all the mysteries

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