This is a real hazard

premature openings of the Chakras…

unbalanced energies erupting…

will have to accept her way and conditions before she will grant access to the Higher Realms

Do you remember Rabbi Laitman? How explicit he is about Kabbalah? So much so that his books are banned in Russia? The GD is also explicit.

I hate to say it, that the above quotation describes some of my readers. They weren’t supposed to visit this “temple”. Only chaos results, their lives are doomed.

Both political and religious esotericism are deadly.

Different times, before esotericism was universalized

This ties into how chaotic the democratic phase of the political cycle is. Everything is permitted. Only in pure chaos would books on esotericism be published.

I saw this book cover the other day and it made me sick, it’s a good encapsulation of where the modern world is at

Wait a second, let’s check wiki, look at that, it’s a talmudist

My point though is that the greatest beauty and the greatest ugliness is possible when pure chaos reigns.

Ah I hate this, people who still believed in the sacred

because the Golden Dawn was a secret organization, most of its members carefully destroyed their correspondence and private papers.

Being a decadent modern you will have cognitive dissonance about this kind of thing. We are all whether we like it or not similar to Lewis Black. Again I emphasize that his ethos can be traced to the hippies specifically. The LSD prematurely opened their chakras. Now everyone is made in their image, falsely enlightened. It’s a matter of “mis-initiation”. They thought they were learning about the higher religious mysteries of esotericism and instead they got the exact opposite- they’re total godless atheists who are pure materialists. That’s what happens when you “study beyond your grade”. Farmers who thought they could be freemasons.

There are parallels between religious and political esotericism. In both cases if you know too much than what you’re ready for your life isn’t going to turn out optimally. In the realm of religion if you know too much and see that it’s mythical, i.e. “not sacred”, the truth of the myth is also lost. Higher grades see the truth of the myth and thus that it’s not “mythical” in the pejorative sense of the term. Modern people tend to be botched esotericists. In losing the sacred their lives are not sacred. This is why I try to get people into the Golden Dawn, because they’re too knowledgeable for exoteric religion, yet they’re caught in a sort of liminal zone that is pre-initiatory. That’s not a place you want to be, it’s a type of purgatory. To get out of that you have to study religious esotericism. In many cases society has failed them so terribly that they don’t have the spiritual spark to even care to escape purgatory. Many many cases it seems, to the degree that might even be “normal”. Religious childhood ended in the west, and now we’re in a phase of adolescence and people tend to see that as adulthood. No, profane materialism is not adulthood. In getting rid of our Myths we actually regressed. They were symbols that allowed us to understand that Everything is Sacred. Now we have the opposite (mis)understanding.

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