This is about food taste, though it can be read figuratively as well

I love to hop on the internet and be a toxic individual, speaking of TASTE. A theory of humanity is not going to be pretty. Only when you see people as objects and animals will you have an accurate theory. This derives from an aesthetic sense- there’s an ugliness to a robotic person.

I’m back to that book of Agamben’s where he says taste developed as a sixth sense in the 1500s

science knows the truth but cannot enjoy it, and taste enjoys beauty, without being able to explain it

The tricky part is putting them together.

If you “enjoy” humanity as it is I have some news for you about a sixth sense that you haven’t developed. You can’t care for people if you can’t recognize them for what they are. They need to be babysat.

Anyway, you ever thought of it this way?

Taste appears from the beginning as a ‘knowledge that does not know, but enjoys’

The concept first appeared in treatises on love and in magico-hermeneutic literature. It wasn’t about art at first. How to distinguish between a demon and an angel was likened to tasting food. Your eyes, ears, and tongue don’t judge beauty, something else does the judging. Animals don’t have it, be grateful you at least have some sense of it. If you like watching the game and eating wings at Hooters I doubt you have much of it. If you are only concerned with current events and the trend of the day or trend of the decade, I doubt you have much of it. If you are similar to Spinoza, say, and are concerned with the problem of human nature, of the discrepancy between reason and the rabble, then you probably have a pretty developed sense of taste. Sorry if I sound like a doctor informing you you have cancer right now.

Were you like me and learned about the five senses in school? You probably never learned about this sixth sense in an institution because this is a time of relativism. This is the sense of Judgment, and we know what the political order thinks about that. The truth is that relativism is tasteless. Believing that nothing’s sacred is tasteless. Being a flatterer of tyrants? It goes without saying. I do not “enjoy” to see that, and no one in their right mind with any sense of taste would. Tastelessness is ubiquitous- everyone forgives each other for it, that’s why it thrives. Everyone being lazy and disgusting together, what a sight it is. That some evolved blonde hair and blue eyes is the clearest sign of taste in humanity. That others look closer to apes is a sign of the opposite. While Hegel said dramatic poetry is the finest art and Badiou said theatre is the most truth-producing art, it must be clarified that these two are philosophers themselves. That itself is an expression of taste, “enjoying the finest” through loving wisdom. Taste and reflection are bound together.

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