Alright, we’ve touched on esotericism in painting and music, now I want to see if there’s much material on film. I’ve seen the one clue about how Stalin “requested” Eisenstein to make a film for him

situation of having to glorify Stalinist tyranny in the image of Ivan without sacrificing his own artistic and political integrity–or his life.

Do you see yourself here, my poor reader? It’s okay, if you don’t have integrity I’m sure you have other redeeming features.

You might have watched Battleship Potemkin? That’s usually what people know him for.

He received the Stalin Prize for the film in question, Ivan the Terrible, so he must have known how to play ball. I don’t know about you, I truly aspire to win something called the “Stalin Prize”, that would be the apple of my eye. Being honored by a totalitarian tyrant would give me just what I need in my life.

This does make me laugh

Many viewers in the Soviet Union and elsewhere have believed that, while Ivan the Terrible contained much of aesthetic interest, its content was nothing more than a piece of Stalinist propaganda.

This writer seeks to turn this interpretation on its head

he was able to use the political and aesthetic conventions of Stalinist Socialist Realism to challenge the values and practices they enforced.

Part I of the film was given the Stalin Prize while Part II which was released a few months later was censured and banned. Eisenstein had a heart attack a year later, at the age of 48.

Honestly I don’t think people are much like him in the second quoted sense above. They are Stalin themselves, they don’t need to be coerced by Stalin.

Kind of breathtaking to behold the evolution of art in this time, and thus of the increased intricacy of esotericism. We were talking about paintings recently. Eisenstein began making silent films, and Ivan has sound like the movies we know today- Part II even has some color scenes.

This might have been a type of “shelter” for him

Eisenstein missed the transition from the relative artistic freedom of the 1920s to the increasing state control of the 1930s because he was traveling abroad.

In a strict regime, as I’ve observed in ours, souls tend to look pretty factory-produced. Being away from the Soviets might have helped keep him an individual.

I’ll have to do a post on Soviet literature one of these days too.

I was about to say that I can’t think of anything in the way of crimethink in recent film, and then I remembered the scene from Twin Peaks where Dougie wins hundreds of thousands of dollars at the casino and the Jew running it was reluctant and bitter about handing it over to him. Coincidence? Can’t know. The point of the subject in question is that it has to be so subtle that raising a question about it sounds like it’s on the level of a conspiracy theory. That this is so rare just goes to show that they don’t even let subtle criticisms get through the filter these days. Everyone in lockstep, 100% on board with the party policy. Yes, I really see human beings in that situation and not cog-objects.

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