That Bagley Spinoza study is turning out to be pretty good

The impulse to be a total moron, that’s the one I most frequently see.

This is similar to Kant’s aesthetic theory in distinguishing between sensation and reflection.

The coon redemption sacrament is a type of sensation one experiences. It’s like a type of mind-numbing video game, it just makes thoughts disappear. People truly do this, they declare their allegiance to the political order so that the thinking stops, because they don’t like the thinking. Sorry to inform you that you’re a creature of impulse. Do you want to evolve someday?

A “funny” dialectic I realized earlier is that anyone who is excessively aristocratic they want to turn into the opposite. They want anyone who is severe to be living under a bridge. They want the people who understand things the best to be exiled from society. And it’s because we question their impulsive nature. They only know the senses, they don’t know the sense of taste. If anyone says there’s a sixth sense they get frustrated. Yes, you are a coon, the only taste you have is for fry chicken. This is how society is “moderated”. Anyone who is too explicit about the rabble they want to make into a fry chicken. Dude, I just like satire, sorry to tell you. I see humor as a sort of bubbling above consciousness. Not coarse laughter of course- when we laugh in certain cases it’s a way of being above humanity. It’s a higher consciousness when we laugh. I can never know if I ever have made people laugh, I’m more of a tragedy person myself, this is just something I realize. Consciousness is above matter, and laughter is one of the main forms of being above matter it seems. If you think tragedy that makes you shed a tear defines what being human is I’m not so sure about that. I think laughing is what makes us most human. If we follow Kant and think about fine art as revolving around what causes reflection, only true reflection makes us laugh. Most people don’t have the taste for the kind of laughter I speak of. They’re “socialist realists” living in Stalin’s regime. People with those constraints have “laughter”, sure. No, there’s another level of laughter that’s laughing at them. You’re a coon-cog, it’s only pity for you that prevents laughter. Try to read that study on Spinoza I mention to try to redeem yourself.

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