This hits me

Is Spinoza simply addressing contemporary difficulties in The Netherlands of the late 1660s? Or is he attempting to solve a more basic and enduring human problem?

Timelessness itself has an aesthetic splendor.

This is another way of warring with Yahweh, because he has the perfect formula for keeping the rabble in check. Is the Torah timeless? I question that.

Everyone can laugh at “the man in the clouds” idea of God and they can never laugh at the political order it continues to create. Yes, our political order is similar to the mythology of the bearded sky god. It has so many things that are questionable about it and you are not able to question it. Look down on the Greek demos for believing in Zeus, you believe in your own form of Zeus.

Parens was making some indirectly satirical remarks in that study I was talking about. He wrote it during the time of Bush and he kept bringing up the notion of a “philosopher-king” throughout. To millennials, I don’t have to explain that juxtaposition. Yeah, George W. Bush was the philosopher-king.

The most disturbing thing about that study though was the blatant use of the word “exploitation”.

I’m just trying to describe to you the way Napoleon probably thought. Myself for instance, I try to tell objects how they should act. Is that a form of “exploitation”? I think we should change the definition of it. Marxists, i.e. the dirt-souled, believe no one knows better than them. You’re an orangutan, I think I know better than you.

Orangutans are one of the symbols of the creatures of impulse. You don’t have any thought at all and you’re one with the animals. Is that where you are? I try to direct you, as if I’m being caring to a child- You are able to not be that way.

No, we’re living in a time where people are too jealous of white people to have any clear kind of understanding of geopolitics. Jews, Irish, go through the list. You’re a bunch of niggers. Want to have a debate sometime or are you a pussy too? I think you’re just a pussy. You nigger. What a nice person to find here when I only try to approach society in a casual way. You’re a Jew, black, Latino, and woman too? Whoa, you have to live in their world? Kike, nigger, spic, cunt, and the one that can never have popular appeal, the term “rabble”. It’s all the same. The subhumans make excuses for why they are less than human. Probably because you are a kike.

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