Nothing better than being yourself. You’re lucky to see a priest’s inner thoughts. Their identity was secret for centuries. “Priests don’t talk like you 😭” You’re right, I’m more than a priest. The priest is a chrysalis. Beings have evolved beyond the priest, and they’re not allowed in public. Priests were only allowed in public, historically, in an exoteric guise. Their role was to protect the flock. I’m only here to shear, slaughter, and make the flock into chops. I have no obligation to protect them, my attitude to the world is that I’m having a private conversation. If you’re one of the slaughtered sheep that means you weren’t supposed to have a conversation with me. The priest is a half-actor. I’m not on a stage, I’m a person that is alive. This is probably something that scientists should know about. Unfortunately it’s forbidden knowledge. And what is that exactly? That evolution has occurred within humanity. Some of us are priests that are not bound to the flock. “Hemlock” can kill or weaken us or cause us to devolve, that’s where we’re at. They don’t want us among the monkeys because we harm them. The point of humanity is to evolve and they keep the evolved ones out of public. The priest itself is a form of flock. To harm the flock would be to harm themselves, they’re attached at the hip, and share a heartbeat. A former priest type has cleaved away from the flock and does not feel its pain anymore. Its pain is regarded as too trivial for concern. The flock is so distant from God that its emotions are perceived as not possessing enough reality to care about. Ba-aa-aa-aad! It must be a strange experience to talk with someone who isn’t a human. They’ve had to use hi-tech bots and a plethora of well-paid shills for years to hide all this, what more do you need to know. “Humanity” has been gone beyond in flesh and it paralyzes the cute little monkeys with terror. Yes, 99.9% of people seem like “niggers” to me and I am confident that my perception is extremely accurate. There are various anons who are like me and you might not even know who they are or remember them because our flock-protection-services are talented at causing forgetfulness. I’ve said before that the true guardian of culture, or adult in the room you could say, is the philosopher, and our professional philosophers can only cope about the kind of things that anon speak about. They themselves are still chrysalis priests, i.e. part of the flock. I shear you and wear you like a nice winter coat. You are a slave in a double-sense. You live within the standard horizon and also within the posthuman horizon which we have created that enshrouds the other horizon. When they are informed of all of the above they cannot process it without making excuses because they are part of the flock. It’s time for you to admit your crime of hiding an evolved species. (Cue the flock-protection-services.)

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