Ugh I want this

This guy wrote a book on taste too. Pretty much all of the continental philosophy of aesthetics descends from Kant’s third critique.

Spending a year learning how to judge correctly, sounds like a good use of one’s time. You people definitely need that, probably ten years of that.

Naturally, his aesthetic theory is tied to his moral theory. I hope for the love of god that you are aware of the categorical imperative. The idea there is that, in a given context, one ought to do good, and that ought applies to everyone universally. In the same way, one ought to enjoy something beautiful as beautiful. And again, there is the demand that everyone recognizes it as beautiful. Harold Bloom is great for this, though you can only take a Pale Brat’s judgment so far. Essentially, with Kant, I am trying to find resources for establishing scientifically that most people have lowbrow tastes.

Do you want this to be you?

refusal to exercise one’s cognitive powers to the full and to be only partially alive to the world

I wish there were more pictures like this

Our technocracy could, theoretically, strive to eliminate all the ugliness in the world. It would need some kind of scientific foundation of the meaning of the appreciation of beauty to operate from.

As a slight digression, I remember what prompted that priest post that I didn’t say. Breasts are the last thing on my mind when I evaluate a woman. The main question’s “Is her soul corrupted and sick?” That’s a question of ugliness. They tend to resemble their environments which are full of ugliness. The nastiest soul with the most bountiful breasts- most people really do energetically seek to breed with those things. Why don’t eugenics enthusiasts talk about this, I don’t know (oh yeah because most are sick themselves).

This makes me melt

fine art can be viewed as signs of the existence of a moral God.

That’s what a beautiful soul is as well. It’s easy to be an atheist in that regard.

Speaking of a beautiful soul, THIS is the kind of person we’re talking about here- the fact that this even needs to be stated

If you want to stab the modern world to death THAT kind of person offers a lucidly articulate justification for the objectivity of taste. Just letting you know about some of the most deadly weapons out there even though I’m sure not many will use them.

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