Hittin up my favorite Index, this is interesting to see

Few thinkers have enjoyed so pervasive an influence as Rousseau, who originated dissatisfaction with modernity.

This collection of essays was conceived by Allan Bloom–who was one of the best scholars of the 20th century in my opinion–in the months before his death.

Rousseau rejected the belief that society is natural.

Wish I had a friend in the world… that’s what describing just how unnatural society is gets ya.

Remember my post on authenticity? The idea of being sincere, as opposed to “living in a society” stems from him


This slap is making me laugh

This spirit lives on in some academic departments whose inmates call themselves philosophers but refuse to recognize Rousseau as one.

This isn’t strange to find in a Bloom-inspired book. -Real human being from the movie Drive plays-

Just a normal person to write a chapter on

Some people wake up in the morning and decide to do that.

I like to read stuff like this because I find a “friend”

philosophic efforts to attain a higher culture or to transcend civilization

The word “culture”, as opposed to “civilization”, was mostly developed by Germans who were furthering Rousseau’s critique of the bourgeois. Yes, I always talk in a satirical voice and I have full-well in mind the people of my own day, how’d you guess? You slob you.

Remember how thinkers in More’s time were formulating how to adjust after the collapse of the medieval political system? This is about 250 years later that Rousseau is writing. He thought that modernity merely replaced one barbarism for another barbarism. Now here we are 250 years after him. I’ve already showed you he wanted to live on an island away from the society where people are fake hypocrites, in a word, Tartuffes. Not feeling like living in a society today myself, you can leave a message after the beep.

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