Hegel’s political philosophy is eerie

The task, then, is to recognize public opinion while still educating it to acknowledge the government’s rationality

“the government” remember, not white buildings in DC.

So many people do this. Acknowledge its rationality, worship at its shrine.

It’s irrational, I’m not doing that. The “Law” is unlawful.

Hegel believed in kings though so it’s not directly applicable. We have one of those, it’s just next to invisible. At least they had a face to represent it, all we have is the symbolic nose.

You probably see, in this context, why Marx would have a problem with Hegel’s conception of the state. This is why I’m a Marxist, and the so-called Marxists of today are not.

You want to tell me without a smirk on your face that the nose is a “philosopher-king”?

I feel like some of the best people who survived the “second french revolution” were probably raised Christian and they’ll always have that Old Testament impression in their mind. They trust the Hebrews so much they don’t even bother to look into the Talmud.

Oh man, Hegel is so much like Spinoza, this is how he describes “the people”

elemental, irrational, barbarous, and terrifying

That dirty peasant picture I posted earlier was euphemistic. They’ll gut you with a pitchfork if you question their modest way of life. There’s no “reasoned” debate with “the people”.

See, you can get away with a lot in the academy

It does not appear plausible that reasoning alone will chasten the public’s exaggerated self-regard.

Still, that “inmate” reference earlier got me laughing to tears, picturing them in orange jumpsuits holding trays.

Academics, “the people”, just so much lack of freedom there in both cases and in different ways.

Ahhh this sounds so much better than what we have now

the majority party in the assembly aligns with the government, while the “opposition” party stands with the “people,” and a third aristocratic party mediates the two

I really think that after the boomers die off we might be able to fundamentally alter our governmental system. “In your wildest dreams!” True. America is a collection of various types of nigger so it does seem hopeless. Or right, it’s more polite to call them “the people”. None of them ever once had an independent thought, and never will. A grumpy, frowning lot with no sense of taste at all, and no desire to acquire one. It’s so sad, they don’t even know what’s best for them. “Torches and pitchforks is what’s best for us!”

I quote again the first thing I did. Try to recognize that you are likely someone who does this

The task, then, is to recognize public opinion while still educating it to acknowledge the government’s rationality

You don’t know what you’re talking about. The “government” is not rational and neither are you. Start learning ebonics you nigger, that’s rational!

“Acknowledge the government’s rationality.”

Worthless whores, cowards, merchant-kikes, are good people, okay. Blowup dolls and brainless losers to fuck them to repeat the cycle of subhumans.

“Yeah, we’re both slaves, that’s the similarity we find in each other.” No thanks, there’s no use trying to “reason” with something like you.

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