I don’t have to pray because the Idea is always present to me. This is probably possible for lots of people, they just don’t bother to cultivate themselves. It’s too bad all this is too far beyond the bounds of society for social scientists to study. Alfarabi is right that all sciences are subordinate to political science. I would have to say that the most important study that could be done would be on the mechanism of vengeance in the face of the ladder. The social scientists themselves feel vengeful about it, that’s why the study is impossible. Spiritual posthumanism is already here, you just have to be able to face the ladder without revenge. The creatures of impulse need to live in a fantasy world. Remember Rembrandt making faces in the mirror? The Self still needs to be discovered. It’s not the fate of “the people” to discover the Self. The philosophers are right about them, that spirit is nonexistent in them and they are mostly a body and nothing else. I think of various occult lodges I’ve studied and thinking back on them they give the appearance of being free from the state, and now I’m not so sure Gnosis is possible for them without thorough work on the “theological-political”. They might discuss that in secret, I don’t know, it is absent in the written material however. There needs to be a new poetry of misanthropy. It’s one thing to say people are “creatures of impulse” and it’s another thing to express that poetically. That Bourdeiu post I thought was pretty brutal yesterday, he’s eloquent in that regard. To ask the question why they are creatures of impulse gets you into some controversial subjects which relate intrinsically to the theological-political. The rabble problem is eternal, it’s just intensified to a significant degree in a Jewish, multicultural, feminist “culture”. The white rabble is close to as bad as any of the bioleninists. In this kind of “culture” though even the higher types tend to take on characteristics of the rabble because Jews, browns, and women they force us to recognize as model citizens when the reality is that they have rabble qualities. Real culture requires a delicate balance of instincts and self-awareness and self-control and in this “culture” everyone is given a green light to surrender to impulse. So even higher types tend to lapse into apehood. That’s why I say to pray and study if the Idea is not present to you instinctively. “What’s that? What’s it look like?” If you have to ask… It doesn’t have a look, it’s an awareness of something Above. The behavior of bioleninists is not the “Idea” you want to emulate as your model. Bring the real Idea down into the world and you can only expect revenge. What the status quo does (and is enforced to do) is rationalize the vices of the bioleninists. I.e. there’s no Above descending to the world in their scheme, it’s only the worldly that exists with them, there’s no “back and forth” between the divine and the human. They see the “oppressed” castes as divine. Like I posted yesterday, their self-regard is unshakable, which is to say the creatures of impulse are narcissists. They love sensations and they hate reflection. Try not to wince when I say that white men are the mediator between the Idea and the bioleninists. When they hate them that’s a form of hating the Idea. They can’t grasp it by themselves typically. Then, again, when they are informed of this their impulse is revenge. And our “culture” gives them every green light to be impulsive in this way.

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