There are two illegal planes one can muse about. One “can” (lol) either talk about the theological-political itself or one can talk about that which the theological-political doesn’t allow. The former is a higher plane. Still, I get pulled to muse on the latter, because that’s fun. For the latter I have in mind that Jewish Century book by Slezkine. There’s a subtle difference between the two planes. ALL of the scholarship on the theological-political neglects this slightly lower plane. That’s how they remain scholars of it. I’d say that both planes together represent a higher plane than only the one that can be found in scholarship. Meier for instance is well-known for writing about the first plane. You’re not going to find anything like what I tend to talk about in Meier. This is one of the primary ways that the academy is lobotomized. Still, that’s worthwhile to study. I remind you that the subject in question is the science of all the other sciences, i.e. political science. You can talk about its place at the pinnacle without saying what it does at the pinnacle. This is the key to scholars avoiding persecution. What it does at the pinnacle is quite dark in my opinion, and there are reasons why they’d be hounded out of their job for talking about it. They don’t want the darkness to be brought to light. They want society to society, so to speak. (Society as a verb.) They don’t want society to reflect on what it does. One of the dark things that it does do is eliminate reflection, and not only in the sense of the previous sentence. It wants to hide what it does and also hide that it hides what it does. The scholars I’m talking about here tend to “find” it in the game of hide-n-seek. They do this without directly saying they found it hiding. That’s too explicit. It’s very paranoid about not wanting people to know that it hides that it hides. You’ve probably heard the words “persecution and the art of writing”- this is one explicit way of looking at the meaning of that. I.e. there’s no art involved here. “So it follows that you’re persecuted then?” Correct. Ongoing revenge for years now. To the question “What is political philosophy?” that is my answer- revenge is central. The creatures of sensation demand equal recognition from the beings of reflection, and they hide the fact that this is a deceptive recognition (i.e. No, I’m not equal to an unthinking animal of impulse). That’s one of the key things that the pinnacle, the theological-political, “does”. And it hides that it hides that. I’ve mentioned before the various bots that they use to carry out this process of eliminating reflection. Cultural figures at the highest levels have been involved in this. They hate when someone exposes their game and refuses to recognize them as mature adults. Anyone who serves as representatives of this fallen society is going to be fallen themselves, and naturally they want to be seen as “normal” and not fallen. “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” I try to help them, there’s not much I can do without being able to whip them. If you want a crystal-clear picture of what “society” is you should bookmark this post.

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