You’re so lucky you get to live vicariously through my adventures off the reservation and not have to deal with any of the downsides yourself. Had to be done. Something you should understand is that explaining society is not going to change it. More often than not, that just pisses society off when it’s explained. One might say that’s the nature of it. Its very definition is that it lacks self-awareness. Once it has self-awareness it ceases to be society. This is one of the causes of the scapegoat phenomenon. It needs that purge that allows it to go back to sleep. I’m not writing this as a detached scholar or something, I’m right in the middle of the reality of all this. It’s the only way you can truly know what it is. Through real field-work ahahahaha! Seriously though, this isn’t healthy for people. I thought I was alone with Artxell and Collen Ryan. People are not supposed to have certain conversations, they can never take it the right way. I’ll put it this way- Collen is a Brad. I’ll let you think of a euphemism for Artxell. There are different kinds of Brad as well- think of the priest/warrior distinction. I can’t even have a normal talk with a good portion of the highest IQ ones because they’re Jews and thus like Artxell. It’s not that Jews have the highest proportion of intelligent individuals in the world, simply because their population is so miniscule. There are whites of their calibre and we have more of a population. The difference is that the Jews were always the capitalist-class in our countries and thus don’t have as many “farmers” among their population like whites do. Anyway then, among those whites that aren’t farmbrained, even with them there’s a good portion that is similar to society in being defined by a certain lack of self-awareness. The self is not able to function if the theological-political is revealed too sharply, because that causes ego dissolution. It takes a rare inspired mood to put it in a perfectly sharp way that can do that. That’s because I and other anons are also part of society and thus are defined by the lack of self-awareness. This is arguably a mystical type though that can occupy two dimensions at once (more or less). If you don’t have the mental faculty for that then you are going to be flying off into scapegoater-mode. “Why do I have to know this, especially if it will only get me scapegoated?” Because the philosophers were right about the rabble, and the first dimension is THEIR dimension. It’s up to you if you want to be one with them. Certainly many people upon learning of the two dimensions decide the rabble dimension is preferable. Look at Rousseau and Spinoza, they were exiled, who wants that. This all here is what having an adult discussion looks like, and any discussion that takes place on the terms of the first dimension is not going to count as that. Without any back and forth between the dimensions society is going to collapse, and it’s already on its way. The most glaring example of this is the proliferation of whores. Society isn’t going to keep functioning with those. You’re doomed. The fact that men stood there and did nothing, that’s on you. The west was supposed to slide into the gutter, apparently. You can’t talk about the origins of the vice-prone nature of both women and men in our time without speaking of theological-political, i.e. second dimension. It’s a culture of unrealistic levels of tolerance that arose because of a supposed “tragedy” decades ago. No one should “tolerate” unthinking creatures of impulse. That’s just going to make irrationality the air we breathe. And it is, we are there. And I am also speaking here of the high IQ Jews who I otherwise respect- you’re pretty much a weepy woman about certain things and are incapable of rationality. This is going to doom everyone. Like I said though, it’s a farce to talk about this because explaining society only makes the ones who need to hear it the most even more angry and frozen in the first dimension of non-reflection. This is the value of exotericism- disguising the second dimension in the first. You can’t know why to do that unless you are blatantly and purely second dimensional and see its effects on the rabble that witnesses it. Here ya go, I did that for ya. And the collected hemlock poisonings is a real “pleasant” thing in my life, let me tell you.

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