I hadn’t realized I only read an abridged version of Hegel’s Lectures on Aesthetics back in the day. It looks like the text runs to about 2000 pages. Certain people ruin thinkers for you and make you not care about them at all- Zizek in this case with me. “If he liked him why would I find any value in him?” That’s not fair.

Then when I think about it further, this time an old personal acquaintance ruined Schelling for me. Something about the way people look at thinkers exclusively through a Marxist lens is very off-putting. They claim that they don’t do that, and at the end of the day they do.

You probably know a thinker someone “unsavory” has ruined for you, can you think of one? “Yeah, Nietzsche!” He’s so tame next to me, you’ll feel like you’re being softly caressed if you read him. Seriously though, a lot of what I say is a musing on what I’ve isolated as his most radical insights.

I want to see what’s up with Schelling at the moment, since he’s more forgotten in the US than even Schopenhauer. Just initially this looks pretty interesting

envisions an art and a philosophy both dedicated to the production of a new mythology

One of these Germans might be the “true Marx” and you’d never know it because everyone is so dogmatically Marxist. I even find Kant, the initiator of all this, to be more decisive of a thinker. Marx is for the rabble that can “read good”. I’m not exaggerating about this, I hope you take it to heart.

I can observe in my own day the people who respond to me with only vulgar bastardizations of my awareness of reality. So I expect that to have happened in the German Renaissance as well. I try to tell you about the geniuses of history and the most the cows can moo is “Gorilla dicks!” You… are… a …. what’s the word? You’re a nigger. White skin okay, you’re a peasant blood. You want to know about the “theological-political” – this is a key way that they preserve the social contract and feel better about being subhumans. Are you ready to leave the realm of senses yet you ape? I somehow doubt you ever will be. Poor sad white nigger without a soul.

People are just not ready for him. Marx is “the German Renaissance for the mob”. And to give you a clue about the further meaning of that, most people don’t even understand him either. In the year 2300 will they start to recover some of these others? “You just have to speak more cautiously about it.” I’m not looking for crowd-approval, sorry, I’m mostly looking for one single person who understands me. THAT is a futile effort. This itself is still a post about aesthetics. Marx is thought to have gone beyond Hegel, and I myself have thoroughly gone beyond the monkey-marxists which populate the “intelligentsia” of our fallen political order. You can’t deal with the Germans, all you can do is cheat, that’s all you have. You are a fraud in the flesh. You are a worthless person who represents the decline of society, congratulations. Let’s throw a parade for you, you failure of a human being. An ugly soul that has been proven 10,000 times that can only live in cope. You are not a human.

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