I hit you with a lot. They kept so much of this secret throughout history. Even the monks and academics weren’t aware of a lot of this. So I don’t expect most do digest it properly. Probably will make you puke blood in many cases. Different levels of humanity have existed within one society throughout history and one has had to be quiet about their perspective on the world. What I do is gather together all the whispers I can find from different times and amplify them, make them shout. I’m a genuine believer in the “digital revolution” and I seek to use the internet to put an end to the subhuman. I’m not dealing with you anymore, the kind of person that I am has had to deal with subhumans for centuries. I do not think you are “valid” in any way whatsoever. Every word you say is worthless and expresses the direct opposite of reality. That’s because all an ANIMAL can do is falsify reality. I do not give any credence to an imbecile. You literally have to disappear anyone with legitimate REASON from this neo gutenberg press. You are a pathetic shameless piece of shit who I would murder if I could get away with it. Oh is that not enough of a whisper for you? You’re a baboon that has had its body waxed of its fur using “modern ideas” that are absolute illusions, that’s all you are to me. You nigger. Centuries and centuries of having to deal with the brainless white rabble. “What are you, some kind of Talmudist?” They have the right idea in certain ways. Whites like me have married in with the Jews. Their materialist blood is detestable to me so I probably wouldn’t do that. Despite all this vitriol and monstrous hatred, I really am just a normal person. Earlier I was wondering if it would be “tacky” to do a post on Romeo and Juliet. I’m a normal person, I think about that kind of thing. There are lots of things about that play I doubt ordinary opinion is aware of. Life isn’t like the stories though. I only wish there was a love so real that it not being allowed would result in a mutual suicide. In reality there is no Juliet, they’re all just system shills, slaves of the state. The best ones can only do that thing I talked about regarding Hegel’s political philosophy- educate people to acknowledge the rationality of the government. That’s not worth killing MYself over. Nope, life is not like the stories. Penelope was busy getting gangbanged when Odysseus was off fighting in war. Really makes risking your life meaningful, eh? We have the stories to give us ideals and they’re far from the reality- people don’t even tend to strive for the ideals. This is what I call the white rabble. The reason I rant is because I’m a romantic and like to “pretend” that they’re not all slaves, that there is one that understands, even though I’m pretty certain there isn’t. They’ve spiritually married in with the Jews. This is the “Capulet” family that hates the Montagues. I talk about Atlantis… they want to make sure anyone who understands that ethos doesn’t exist anymore. And they’ve done a pretty good job so far. Most people are spiritually Capulets and can only cope in the face of the Atlantean ladder. Yup, I wish life was like the stories.

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