I like to see someone get “uppity” in this way – I’m back to the forgotten Schelling

The System of 1800 had ended with a deduction of the work of art as the highest objectification of philosophy in itself.

Philosophy and art, two of the highest human activities, that’s why I frequently discuss them. “What about science?” Exactly, I try to create a science of philosophy and art, as far as that is possible.

Schelling’s book on aesthetics (1800-1806) wasn’t translated into English until 1989. I’m trying to see how he refines Kant’s (1790).

They should do something like this to make it more palatable to a general audience

I try not to see Hegel as the main character, which is standard. While it might seem trivial to make the pop cult reference above, I really do believe that art that’s philosophical is the highest art. The populace will never be educated if philosophy is not vulgarized in order to suit it.

You’ve heard of the noumenon, or thing-in-itself? For Schelling, art is that. Kant didn’t think it could be known. Schelling thought certain “phenomena” could be the noumenon within the world of phenomena/appearances. Similarly for Hegel, the “funnyman” is the Absolute Spirit. Yeah, some people thought some things in life could be truly sacred, “good times”. This is why I use the word clown in a positive sense sometimes. You are a god if you are a clown sometimes. And jokes are illegal, so what follows from that would you say? Any guesses?

There’s something about the good kind of clown that makes you hate them, kind of want to shove them, tell them “Get out of here you fucking clown” while laughing. The divine is actually like that in a way. It’s TOO real. It transgresses the norms of society TOO much. And yet you love it. The “scolds” on the other hand don’t like things that are TOO real. Same with beauty, it’s like hating blondes. Excesses of divinity they’re recognized as. Not all humor is like this of course. Some of the best though arguably. “I can’t believe you would say that…” Satire by its very definition is opposed to that concept of “educating people to acknowledge the rationality of the government”. Faux-satire that does do that is just society jacking off into its own face, so to speak. Like I said, it’s something to be laughed at, not laughed with. When we laugh with the good kind of clown we are partaking in a spirit of sovereignty. You feel “naughty” or “bad” in a way, because you are breaking the laws, you are the freedom that is above the laws. “Get outta here with that!” That’s the “cop” in you that says that. The cop trying to hold back a smirk. This ties into the idea that “only Yahweh is allowed to be Yahweh”. Humor these days is similar to popular religion in that what is regarded as the “funnyman” by the great majority doesn’t make the refined ones laugh. These same ones don’t experience any religious ecstasy sitting in a church. Real stand-up needs to be revived, real religion needs to be revived. Ha that’s only the beginning of the list. When you descend from the Idea to this miserable wasteland you get that impression.

Here’s a more elevated way of “seeing” from Hegel. The task of art for him

to convert every shape at all points of its visible surface into an eye… Or, as Plato cries out to the star in his familiar distich: “When you look on the stars, my star, oh! would I were the heavens and could see you with a thousand eyes,” so, conversely, art makes every one of its productions into a thousand-eyed Argus, whereby the inner soul and spirit is seen at every point.

That’s a lot to ask. And I do like to ask for a lot. Some of these Germans are the closest thing I know to achieving the above.

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