Go right to the pinnacle why don’t we – Hegel on the effect of Aristophanes

the unmasking of ancient character or ethos, when the agent lets persona or mask fall—the mask he or she essentially is

This gets at my notion of the “authentic shill”. I think some of them have a “truer self”. You have to be a magician to snap them out of the “cow state”, and when you do it’s only fleeting.

I mean, I could write about Dutch painting. That isn’t the culmination of art for him though. Has a painting ever made your mask fall off? (Damn COVID for distorting the “mask” symbol. Unless… it’s made it a more concrete symbol?)

Hegel emphasizes Aristophanes’ loyalty to Athens. In other words, those who he mocked and criticized deserved it.

in him is expressed the contradiction between gods or state and the citizens’ subjectivity

He recognizes Aristophanes as paradigmatic. And the only other one of this genre he recognizes you can probably guess

Falstaff, who similarly throws off all civilized restraints.

I google “man in a muzzle” to find a picture to use to mess with you and I can only cringe because all of them seem so similar to the masks people have had to wear for over a year. You wear that spiritually too without a funnyman to free you from it. I believe it was on Gab the last time I witnessed a satirical spirit. The publishing houses and mainstream social media don’t allow for true laughter. “Who needs that!!!!” Don’t you feel dead inside? Or do you know nothing else in life? Heh, clicking back on there for a second, there it is- The Underground. You plunge your head into a polluted stream daily. Thank you for giving me a smile, Gab. It’s all I can ask for.

There are levels of freedom that are detectable in people. If you can’t laugh you’re just a stuck-up prude who’s scared of their own shadow. Do you need an emergency oxygen mask or something when you witness real freedom? Breathe in, breathe in, you almost fainted there you killjoy. Goody two-shoes over here who never learned how to have fun. Don’t you have a wild side you freak, I’ll slap it into you.

Your spirit is divine, have you forgotten that? That’s arguably the truest mask that needs to drop. People forget that. When I defend geniuses it’s usually because they’re people who help the mask drop and show you life is divine. Yes, I really mean that too- I feel like I defend them. These people shouldn’t be defended. Only in a hellworld, i.e. a world that isn’t divine, do geniuses need to be “defended”. Take a look at yourself.

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