I really think this virtue is essential for understanding what’s going on in the west

I found this essay among dozens of fashion books, i.e. about “dressing modestly”. Maybe that itself is symbolic. About how I think you’re prudes in all the worst ways.

“Excuse me, if you are not modest you will be punished.” – This is the core of the contemporary dynamic between right and left. It’s possible for a virtue to be excessive, which renders it not a virtue anymore. All mainstream conservatives are too modest also, and that makes them leftists who I define as people who create the illusion that there are not gulfs between souls. Reactionaries almost never admit that in its ideal form it is a virtue.

“Let me tell you about how you’re a modest person!” – This is the defense mechanism they have to preserve the social contract. Only white men are allowed to be seen as having “modest characteristics”. And that’s what the charade is all about. You would be living in the wilderness in a hut without us, unless you’re an Arab or East Asian male. And even in these latter cases it’s just so sad to imagine what life would be like for them without white men.

Another way of describing our political order besides as Mathematical Maoism is as Systematic Modesty.

This “virtue” also relates closely to the question of authenticity. Because modesty is about pretending you are someone else. “Yes, I’m an authentically modest person.” There’s something modest about that statement. You can expect them to lie about the lies. Naturally! Cheat about the fact that they cheat. They have no true “virtues”, unless sobbing pity is a virtue? Leftism is about concealment, and modesty is the ideal form it can take. “So you want everyone to be a braggart then?” No, if there’s too much modesty then the ideal which to strive for disappears and that means everyone loses.

Think of fashion again. Those veils that Muslim women wear which only allow their eyes to be visible? The state of modesty in the west is like if Muslim women had to walk around in public in a small room on wheels where nothing is visible of her.

There’s an irony to it. Because what the west conceals with the virtue of modesty is the rest of the virtues. Modesty is the virtue that hides the other virtues. If you keep them too well-hidden you forget what they are and eventually you don’t have them anymore. You’re not allowed to face what they are yourself because that would be immodest, and immodesty causes “violence” to people. It’s a charade that they forgot was a charade. This is why we have this extreme form of relativism in our culture. People forgot what they were hiding in the first place and they ceased to see them as virtues. Relativism is the belief that virtues don’t really exist. “I’d never say that!” Yet, in practice, this is clearly observable, that this is their true belief. That’s what anti-racism truly means, and most people freak out when they hear it and get too emotional to accept it as fact. The brown races don’t have virtue, that’s why we have to babysit them. The holocaust was caused by a certain people not having virtue, and probably not the ones people tend to think about. So we have an unvirtuous people being the guardians of what is virtuous, and as a result we have this excessive modesty, which is not a virtue anymore because it is excessive, causing the other real virtues to disappear.

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