I’ll be real with you, there are different evolutionary types within whites. People do not like to hear about this, they are extremely against it. I’m the evolutionary type that is willing to talk about it, aren’t you lucky? Spirit depends on woman’s sacrifice. If you’re too close to their world you’re going to be lobotomized. I see next to no signs that women like this exist anymore. It’s all about them, they don’t care about spirit or the evolution of consciousness. “I’m not going to sacrifice myself for that.” Hence I prefer to masturbate than flirt with zoglings. They don’t have a higher goal. They live to be a creature of impulse. Again I’ll be real with you- Christianity allowed us to control these emotional beings for a while, and certain types evolved from that. Think of the ducks again. If you kowtow too much to women who are necessarily slaves of the state your head is not going to be green. I don’t claim mine is that either, I just think there are detectable levels of that and they’re easily sensed. Not much green in the world. I’m trying to say with this post that I really don’t respect women at all and the only way I could respect them is if they were absolutely subordinate. THEN I would listen to their opinion, when they’re fine and even happy being in an apron baking. If you have to lie to yourself about your place in life I can’t accept your opinion about anything else. My true opinion about the dirty-looking ducks is that you should not trust their opinion at all. They were born to flatter women and the state. That is their DNA. Women who want to sacrifice themselves for paradigm-shifts do not exist. Only the opposite almost 100% of the time- they seek to preserve the existing paradigm. Especially the one that sees them as people to not be disrespected, as is the realistic viewpoint from my perspective. Even the best people will cope about this, you might find. You and the state are one and you’re trying to reproduce yourself and you are an object in that sense. Then the way I look at it, there’s no eugenic option possible. I have to reproduce with one of these slaves. “That’s right, and we hate you for telling us about this.”

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