I bet some of you lonely dorks prefer I post about this side of Roger

The way Cleopatra seduces Antony away from the traditional Romanness of the Republic

Nope, not doin it.

This isn’t very PC for a 2017 book

Cleopatra is a good example of the stereotype of the Oriental despot, as well as of the Oriental temptress

I bet Cantor is really talking about Ancient Rome here… The despotic nature of the browns.

If you want to hear something disconcerting? With too much an admixture of certain brown bloods the three peaks of government here probably aren’t possible

The nature of the nadir will change with non-white majorities. It will descend further and be more of a norm. Leftism conceals the rabble nature of POC, i.e. “rule-by-mobs” will be natural for a “brown america”. We’re already there, it just can get much worse, and it probably will.

Anyway, for people who want to be distant from that process, here is a basic breakdown of the genres of Roger if you want to pick a play based on the mood you’re in. “GRUG WANA LAFF!!” Sorry, I’m terrible. I’m Grug too, anyway. “Cleopatra you say?” Cantor calls that a “going native” narrative, very insensitive phrasing on his part.

I’m going with my intuition about that Index and sticking with the Roman trilogy which Cantor has (indirectly) designated as “for the elitists”. The question is how to not read it like an amateur, and I’m working on getting a grasp on that now.

Anyone else feel this way?

I am more an antique Roman than a Dane

Let’s refine it further- this is what is in question in this study

the contrast between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire

Mach and Montesquieu also focused on this. Never thought to ask Roger about “decline” I bet – new to me. I have to call him Roger! It feels so much better to call him that too given the rabble uneasiness toward him. Non-rabble still has to empathetically experience the emotions of the rabble. Kind of like how well-dressed people at any given time are carrying around turds in their body. #SecretsExposed

I try to give you a chiaroscuro.

interest in ancient Rome was rooted in his perception that certain human possibilities were developed more fully in the Roman Republic

This is similar to More’s Utopia as a response to the collapse of the medieval political order

Antony and Cleopatra as literally and figuratively “at sea” as they try to deal with the newly instituted imperial way of life.

Which regime was best, which regime produced the most excellent human beings, that’s what I’m trying to discover.

You think this is possible at all for us?

Renaissance Europeans had revived the choice between republic and empire

Acknowledging the rationality of the government isn’t going to revive that choice. “It’s all I can do, I’m an NPC!” sigh

I feel like I fell through the earth into a cavern of gold and jewels with this study.

Whoa, I just learned that Montesquieu has an entire study on this subject himself. This study I’m drawing on now though is leagues beyond anything I’ve seen in the reactosphere over the years, which has discussed this subject quite a bit. You simply cannot beat Fred and Roger shaking hands. If only it wasn’t written by a Talmudist, tsk tsk tsk. I’m not going to whine about that though. Sometimes they use their subversiveness to my liking. Athena, where are you to share these treasures with? “You killed her.” She shouldn’t have been part of the democratic empire then, that’s no Athena anyway. Only the cruel truly care.

I’m trying to learn how to be even more of an “antique”. Can’t wait to fit into the modern world even less, do you want to learn how to be more cursed too, anon?

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