One way of framing the difference

an empire replaces active citizens with passive subjects.

There’s a hefty amount of Index entries on “regimes”. Is there a living expert on political cycles to find?

Sticking with this one though for now, did you know this?

Jacob Burckhardt insisted the spirit of the Renaissance as a rebirth of classical antiquity was also evident in its political life.

I swear, people only know about the least impressive things about the Renaissance (sculpture and painting). Oooo shots fired.

Anyway, it’s interesting to think that even if we implemented a Republic there would still be a “theological-political” horizon. It would just have adjusted values. The rebalancing of virtue ethics. At present it is a mystery to me whether it would be able to be discussed. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent part of the human condition that some layer of political life is not allowed to be questioned. In my mind, ideally, part of the rebalancing would entail a more openness to discuss it. Should some things be off the table? For instance, I don’t exaggerate when I say I believe our political order is akin to totalitarian slavery. If we adjusted the values of “the top of the brain” would it be such a bad thing to make it taboo to question whether we should return to totalitarian slavery? “That itself is the same thing then!” Exactly. So I say that an ideal Republic would involve some dissolution of the barbed wire around the theological-political.

Mach links it to Judaeo-Christianity

Thinking then whence it can arise that in those ancient times people were more lovers of freedom than in these, I believe it arises from the same cause that makes men less strong now, which I believe is the difference between our education and the ancient, founded on the difference between our religion and the ancient.

See how I’d be annoyed though observing a Talmudist making anti-Christian remarks? I’m sure it’s “harmless”. Anyway, reSUScitating antiquity led them to be more lovers of freedom themselves, as Burckhardt showed.

Like I said in my post on Mirandola, Renaissance Italy’s “theological-political” was far from our own which is rooted in historical rather than theological events. Still, there’s a similarity in that the Renaissance was caused by the distancing from that standard religion. I.e. that’s what we would need to do to have our own rebirth. A too strict form of Judaeo-Christianity kills the mind in a sense.

Synchronicity with Mach here on “modesty”

Our religion has glorified humble and contemplative more than active men.

Return to this important post of my mine on Homer vs. the writer of the Torah for more details about this. “You’re Satan, none of your posts are important!” Yes, I hear that message loud and clear from the subhumans. Thankfully I watch them like Zeus watches them. The feeble stunted souls that are products of Yahweh’s “master craftsmanship”.

Remember, this is a post about republics vs. empires- that’s necessarily going to lead to the nature of actual and possible divinities. Prior to the emergence of a possible divinity it already has to exist in some opaque form. That is what I call “the Above” of “the Underground”.

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