Can a chapter title get better than this?

This is about the Dutch Golden Age. This followed the recognition of it as a sovereign state in 1648.

I mentioned in a previous post that for Hegel that is when the pinnacle of painting occurred. We take for granted how many images we see everyday. Perhaps they are far away from this pinnacle? What subtle effect would that have on us if they were?

The west wasn’t as decadent in Hegel’s time and even then he says this

These days… the so-called artist knows neither what man is—what constitutes his unique and essential character—nor the manifold norms in which man expresses the fact that he is man.

Think here of Schelling’s disagreement with Kant, that art IS the noumenon. Personally, I sympathize more with Kant in that even the best art to me is far away from the noumenon. Still, I think Schelling has a point, and I wonder if the images in general that we see flowing all around us constantly could be criticized in Hegel’s manner above. We wouldn’t know if we never learned what the pinnacle of pictorial art is. I certainly haven’t, I’m a philistine about painting I admit. Still, I like to give things I’m unfamiliar with their day in court. Here’s one at random- what could be hiding here?

Does this look like your life at all? The painting’s title is “The Merry Family”.

“You chose that one deliberately because you knew it would upset people!” No, it was random.

I wonder what a girlboss would think of this

“Nothing at all, I’m dead inside.”

I feel like I’m understanding Hegel’s nature better, looking at these. People can’t be understood through words alone.

First thing that strikes me is they don’t seem as atomized as us. It’s a bunch of paintings of people together. And they often seem joyful.

This was supposed to be a post about painting and it’s just gotten out of hand.

Dancing, that’s something else I should write about one of these days

“You’re not supposed to write about dancing, you’re supposed to dance, you sperg.” Don’t question my ways.

Must be nice to live in a Golden Age

I like all the pets, I bet our own pets are as miserable as the people of this time are

You don’t get to have this if you only have (real) friends on the internet

Getting back to Hegel though, this a controversial statement

As critical as I am of Christianity I still see Christ as a sort of “Socrates for the people” which makes him extremely important in my mind. You mock Socrates about the hemlock poisoning? You’re clearly a corrupted soul who hates truth.

Here is Rembrandt’s Jesus

What do you see there? I’ll leave it to your personal imagination instead of telling you what I see.

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