I see this and think, What level of worldliness do you have to be on to write a book about that?

“Now that you mention it, I want to know about that!” Yeah I like the adventure genre too. Most people write on that level of shipbuilding, it’s absolutely irrelevant to the pressing political problems. You have one life and you decide to live it in the world. “Duh, what do you mean?” It doesn’t matter, they never change. Their best form is a sort of pedant. It’s clearly evident to me the different levels of discourse. I can distinguish a “normie” in one brief glance, and it’s somewhat nauseating to witness. They were born to be a cog. There’s no higher reason in them, and those that do have that they seek to keep away. It’s because they know they’re a cog, and reason interferes with their being a cog, which they can’t change. “It’s my destiny to be a gear in the machine.” Yes, and just like a gear there is no consciousness there, it is matter.

“That isn’t me!” Yes, it truly is. It is.

There’s no fixing this machine, it’s broken unfortunately.

“Please just give me hope.” Okay, if you think that then you’re a person for a moment.

I haven’t been trying to take a ratchet to your gear. I try to use a crowbar to dislodge you from the machine so you tumble down and roll away from it.

Maybe you will morph into a tumbleweed after that. Maybe there is a further evolution from there. All I know is that if you’re just a clanky gear in a broken machine you’re never going to evolve into consciousness.

I repeat- this is a reality. These are gears that I work on and I try to tell you my perspective on it so you have full awareness for yourself.

“They keep turning.”

Yes, exactly.

I lost one of my middle fingers in these cogs, you might say, trying to help them. All they can do is turn, they do not think.

The only ones who can help you escape and roll away they control the scholarship on too. That means you don’t have elders to understand it. Except with the rare types that I’ve shown you. If you think you can read some of these “ratchet geniuses” without any advice you are sadly mistaken. I only know a few thinkers very well, and with the others it’s just a casual hobby, so I beckon you to find conflicting interpretations voiced by the real “obsessive” scholars I point you to.

As I said earlier today, they hide. They pretend to be a gear. They’re a human with a ratchet. I myself want the machine to fall apart and for all the wheels to roll away in any direction they happen to, because that would be better than this.

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