If you don’t push boundaries you aren’t able to see who people truly are. Only when they’re put on the spot do they reveal that. Sadly what I’ve found is they’re sell-outs 99% of the time. This is redeeming though in the sense that in another timeline when you weren’t strict on them you merely lived in the illusion they were a good person. Now that they’ve demonstrated they’re foul people you don’t have the false life with them not knowing that’s who they are when faced with too much truth. Is this something to make us happy? I really don’t think so. You either live in the illusion that your friends and close ones aren’t frauds or you reveal what they are and then you will both have your reasons for not liking each other. Even if it’s not the happiest path I’m glad I got to see people’s true colors, and thus avoided the illusion of being around them while not knowing they’re less than human.

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