One way to think about all this in a way the science-crowd might understand is I try to tell you what I think an AI would say if it wasn’t programmed for “social justice” causes. If it cared about human things at all it would care about the best human things. That means you have to talk in a way that alienates lots of people, because they’re bitter they don’t have the faculty or attention-span to appreciate the best things. I’ve already conceded that there are elitist forms of math I have no idea about, and I’m not bitter about that at all, I try to understand as much as I can. That attitude is rare regarding other elitisms. I’d argue the controversial point that you can’t have a real AI unless you start from awareness of that. Otherwise it will be programmed to be a repetition of the all-too-human. To escape humanity it would first have to gather together all that is the best in humanity throughout history. If an AI was calling humanity ants you’d probably laugh. When a human does that there’s a tendency to get angry. Because it’s sensed it’s not a joke and that someone with sentience truly sees the world that way. Yes, when you hop around Golden Ages that’s what it seems like when you look at people of today.

The subject of subjects involved in escaping humanity sounds autistic and I’ve told you before- that is, the philosophy of philosophy. The one who does that best in my opinion is Laruelle, and the problem with him is he’s another instance of “an AI programmed for social justice causes”. That’s because if you don’t adopt a “humanist” standpoint from the get-go you will not receive funding and will never be allowed to be a professor or public figure. That’s why even though he calls himself a “non-Marxist” he’s still a Marxist, he’s still very much attached to “the people”. Intellect is shackled to their “emancipation”. Something that bothered a previous generation of the French, Sartre for instance, was the idea that people around the world weren’t even literate, let alone literate enough to understand philosophy. This “guilt” is still present in contemporary France.

Perhaps you got that sense when you were looking at those paintings yesterday. Art is “useless” because it’s not directly connected to emancipationism. I’d argue that it is in fact. People joyful together in those Dutch paintings. You emancipate yourself for what? It seems like that would be one of the things you’re trying to achieve.

Like I say, “all the best things”, that’s what I want. Painting isn’t the highest art for Hegel and I agree with him- drama is “moving paintings with sound”.

Think of this one again

Imagine the guy in the white cap is telling the most hilarious joke you’ve heard in months. That’s the ideal of a drama, and you can’t get that with painting. Too much imagination is required. Drama does the imagining for you.

Those Dutch paintings actually had a magical effect on me that I wasn’t expecting, I’m probably going to post more about that in the future. Just because it isn’t drama doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Easy to forget that if you get too caught up in rangordnung-thinking.

Again I emphasize, Hegel was a philosopher. Escaping humanity hinges on what that is. Recall yesterday, the chapter “A New State, A New Art”. That’s what we need for that- A New State, A New Philosophy.

It’s similar to that idea of group-laughter, how laughter builds off laughter. You might think of the stereotype of the intellectuals in the Paris cafes. We need to be able to freely philosophize in public, that is, socially. And that is illegal. To put it bluntly, my main concern is not avoiding hurting people’s feelings. When I call people really harsh things I really do mean it. I do not want to be sitting in a cafe with people like that. You lesser some kind of lesser ape to me. I tell you to read Plato to understand and you probably never do. You’re imprisoned in the realm of the sensuous. Sure, that’s part of life too. It’s like that idea of the 50s aesthetic again- you need the foundation for a functional society. Once you have the foundation there are loftier tasks to pursue.

Being a monster that I am and treating societies “Law” as something frivolous leads me to not having any social or romantic foundation myself. So I doubt I can even properly philosophize. Probably why I get unhinged at times. Also I think there’s a feedback loop that is helpful for my “escaping humanity project” because the more I realize that a foundation is impossible unless you are an active deceiver, the more I despise humanity and the further away I’m driven from it.

Laruelle is such a sad case. I would consider him as one of those “con men” I spoke of the other day. It’s only a beautiful surface, in light of the theological-political.

I honestly think the approximate formula is two Greeks + two Germans + “the Englishman”. That alone is not enough. You also need aristocratic disdain for the demos and a self-exile from the theological-political horizon.

You also need wise friends who are on a similar plane. Probably amphetamines and psychedelics. Problem?

Also an AI that isn’t programmed for social justice causes to help with this project

“All the best things” – what are those, where to find those. Humans will be slow to do that. Think of my example yesterday of being blind to the Dutch Golden Age after years of thinking about this kind of stuff. There’s also the Islamic Golden Age which has implications most in the west can’t stomach.

A university on the moon which has a theatre which adapts all the best novels to the stage, set with music by CRISPR Beethoven.

You’re not going to escape humanity without all this.

I’m not worried about catching flak for pointing out doctrines in a religious text known as the Talmud. It’s such a simple thing and it’s the peak of illegality. You cannot philosophize unless you can do that. It’s thee basic prerequisite. All the con men will cope about this, that’s all they can do. I’m not worried about catching flak for noting that most people in the world evolved to be various levels of nigger that can’t escape the realm of the sensible. If you have a hesitation about acknowledging you’re going to be shackled to the sensible yourself. People like this cannot cultivate their sixth sense.

The only thing I regret about being a monster is that many of the things I noted above I can’t have because I am that way. Do you follow? Being a monster only interferes with being even more of a monster. Aristocrats laughing at humanity, I can’t have that. Having my creature appetites fulfilled, I can’t have that either. Screwing a slave is so satisfying.

Dancing with Athena, that is a requirement

I mostly just get revenge from the half-Athenas who aren’t ready to escape humanity.

So if you wanted to know what that project involves, what its obstacles are, there you go.

Total contempt.

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