Here’s a synthesis for ya. First, Hegel’s notion yesterday was that Dutch paintings depict real human beings. Next, think of Plato’s ideas as not “reflecting” like a mirror. Now, consider what the gentleman Allan Bloom has to say about Roger

seems to be the mirror of nature and to present human beings just as they are. His poetry gives us the eyes to see what is there.

What he says of Falstaff

He tramples on all of the rules, divine and human, without becoming repulsive to us.

One can only hope to capture this ideal.

I think others should worry about being repulsive, honestly

there is a question whether civil society’s morality is very different from that of thieves, only enjoying a better press.

I’ll trample away on all that.

You know there’s a real continuum like this that can be observed?

It isn’t just a meme.

They make life hard for people who are closer to light beings.

Here’s another way of looking at it that’s more quantifiable

These marxists are funny. If you’re less than 130 you are in the realm of DOXA.

And IQ tests arguably can’t calculate this

It’s no joke, they don’t want the human spirit in public society.

It’s because it exposes all their corruption.

Don’t let yourself be fooled- the “good citizen” tends to be a con-artist in the true sense of artist. They make being a criminal look civilized.

If you’re a stone that drops down into those gears you’re probably going to be ground-up. We evolved for centuries to live in illusion and in that sense the gears might as well be made of diamond.

I’m not trying to be an arrogant person or something. I know a Jew who is very similar to me, except a lot more moderate, and life is a struggle for him because he’s too aware. It’s not an exaggeration to say that society keeps the human spirit out. Until we reform that problem we will be living in backward times. The ones with the sharpest perception they do not want around. You think that’s a problem or…?

Maybe it wouldn’t seem like such a social ill if it was only one level of awareness that they kept purged. The reality is that multiple gradations of awareness are eliminated. Even a slight understanding that brings clarity to the fuzziness of all the lies that form the foundation of society is kept out, let alone a profound understanding of it. In other words, even people who seem really stupid to me are kept out, because they seem smart to the even stupider ones who believe in all the standard beliefs. Monasteries on the margins of society pretty much, it’s a real thing. You’re supposed to believe they’re there because they’re “evil”. No, don’t get it twisted, it’s because it’s an overabundance of spirit. “It’s not a problem that humans aren’t allowed in society.” And you think you’re not a criminal for believing that?

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