I kind of feel like I’m stuck in an insane asylum with the French, because they’re so clever, and yet I often find them so annoying, and I don’t know where else to find cleverness so I always have to resort to going back to them. This time I have the demand for a galaxybrain to tell me about painting and I know Deleuze has a book on that. What could this possibly be about?

Yeah, I know, (((Deleuze)))- he’s still similar to the place he was from.

You’ve probably seen this one before?

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in the Dutch Golden Age anymore.

Okay, so what does one nutcase have to say about this other one?

This is not the Francis Bacon I’ve talked about. There is a 20th century painter with the same name.

To be honest with you I want to go back to Hegel and the Dutch when I see some of this stuff

Does this express “the postmodern person”? Do you have a twisted soul now?

Let’s go back to the Netherlands for a second here

I bet some people can relate to Bacon though, I can relate to this one

These certainly are not those ones of joyful people together we were looking at

Here is Bacon himself

What kind of suffering must cause this?

Sad to say I do see the spiritual sickness of modern people in some of these paintings

People act the way they do because this is what their soul is like inside.

It gives me sympathy for them now that I can SEE them rather than just sense them.

I see the evil “Vegas” type here, not much sympathy there

That first one I showed you is titled Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X – real death of god encapsulation here

Velázquez painted in 17th century Spain. Let’s look at another one of his

Ahh I think I want to stick with this kind…

Unless I want to study the modern soul more? Honestly it’s making me sick to see that. I don’t know if Plato would’ve wanted people to see that. “It’s who people ARE though!” They’re less that if they look at art from a purer time.

“Accept me, accept me as a model citizen.”

“I should be educating children.”

“Wait a second, wasn’t this about Deleuze?” He has a study, you can check it out, I think I’ve had enough of this already.

I’m reminded of those therapists who talk to patients who are suicidal. If that’s your cup of tea…

I try to show people where beautiful things can be found so they don’t feel like a Bacon painting inside.

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