It’s okay if millions of people love you and the only opinion that bothers you is mine. It’s fine. What is it, do you not believe in democracy or something? The one who’s right when millions are wrong shouldn’t be allowed in society, right? Makes perfect sense. I bet a part of you wishes I was in prison without any internet instead. Makes perfect sense.

I’m just trying to tease out provisional laws, in a social science sense, about our culture. One of them seems to be “we need to slow down so others catch up”. They don’t want the burden of being pushed on people. A lot of the times, the ones who promote this law are themselves sluggish and don’t want to be pushed. You’d all have to suffer if a higher ideal were implemented, and we couldn’t have that could we. Instead they’d rather be content being cheap cultural products. If no one’s there to put them into question then they derive self-esteem from their humble activity. You’re just keeping people stupid like you it seems, which is very self-centered in my opinion. Civilizations rise or fall depending on which attitude is chosen and people opposed to me clearly represent the fall side. They just can’t get over their bitterness for being born lowbrow and when someone calls them out they do nothing to change themselves for the better. You represent the fall. Creatures of sense and impulse. That’s the shining future you want for everyone. Retard future that resembles you because you can’t accept criticism. Go pout about you dunce.

I don’t blame anyone after I witnessed a few great minds of our time’s inability to accept the view from kether. They can’t do it, the demos can’t. “You should be imprisoned for typing words on a screen!” All bots who should have never read my words and should’ve just went to church and acknowledged their place in the grand scheme of things. You represent the decline of society, and you’re probably happy about it, as far as plebs understand “happiness”. Hating people who are better than them is its own form of joy for them. Our “intellectual caste” is a bunch of philistines, and the hoi polloi they’re supposed to watch over strongly resembles their image, not coincidentally. They’ve all given up on trying to create a just society. Many never even tried in the first place. So I do salute the ones who did give it some effort at one time.

Needless to say, I don’t expect “elevated conversation” as you find here to exist much at all in, say, 2071. They’ll all be too braindead and there will be so many at that point on that level of braindeath that the ones who aren’t like them won’t be able to change anything at all. And surprise we’re already pretty close to that anyway. I hope some Chinese read this at least and are having a laugh, because I am documenting how you are on the course to being even less than human than you are now. Does that make you happy to be an active part of that process? Even our intelligentsia is a nigger, yes, it’s true. They can’t do anything besides that, they are stuck in decline-mode. “I want to be remembered–for being a sell-out.” Remembered by whom? The people in the future will only understand things pertinent to the life of creatures of sense and impulse. “That describes me!” Yeah, probably.

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