Honestly, one of the only reasons I write is for the idea of the “witch”. It’s an ancestral type that they’ve attempted to distort through Halloween and such. There’s more of a secret meaning of what that word is. It’s not about pointy hats or spells or something. This is a form of female esotericism that is not part of the state. I obviously think of the word “witch” because I think that is its main form when it is not distorted into losing its meaning. No, it’s not about “magic” at all, because only popular culture understands that word. I’ll cut to the chase- if you aren’t addressing direct political problems in society then you are probably some kind of non-witch. I like to imagine a life where I am able to have my other half, and that is the type of person it would be, someone beyond the laws of society in female form. That exists exactly nowhere. I’ve actually known some true witches and they were “burned” off social media. I just live in a world now without anyone real to talk with. “What she is is supposed to be called some kind of euphemism.” What word would you prefer? “She’s a Nazi who tries to hide it.” – So who needs to hide it? I’m still daddy to this type of female since they are so unable to talk in the normal political order. You can just try to be my equal for a change, instead of being mad? Your real nature is to not care about the political order at all. You must hate the ones who remind you. Let’s just be one instead. That’s my objective with this, that I can’t have wisdom unless I have my evolutionary counterpart, which is the crypto-Nazi female. No one cares about that knowledge. Whatever allows you to flatter the demos is “Good”. “Haven’t we proven by now that we’re the demos ourselves?” Yeah…

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