Seeing a book like this gives me hope

First order of business- what was their education like?

Which b*tch are you?

They lived during the same time as that August Schlegel from earlier, except in England. So what was it, their education, their genes, if the latter we gotta dig em up.

I’m looking at what’s known as the “standard” biography now. Same writer of that is also a scholar of medieval chivalry hm..

Their aunt tried to teach them to be homemakers and they preferred their father’s library. Of, you guessed it- classics. I wonder what they tend to teach women in the university today. Their father was a priest and an author too

Education is the key to moral and social improvement in the story and, as we shall see, in life as well as in fiction

He outlived all of his daughters, that’s rough.

And the rest is history

Do you think Germany has an equivalent to them? Let alone China, MENA, etc. etc.?

Probably would be smart to learn from their education and try to replicate it.

George Eliot, their contemporary, was from England too. Might want to look into her background as well.

This biography tells about their “sufferings” at that school. Oh no, we can’t have any strictness can we.

What the..

Mrs Gaskell, who named names and laid the blame for Charlotte’s future ill health and the deaths of her sisters squarely on the institution and its founder.

It was clearly worth it.

This is the school that’s depicted with a fictional name in Jane Eyre. Leave it to a woman to whine about the institution that helped make her a disciplined writer.

Let’s see. They had to wear a specific uniform based on the season, a specific uniform based on whether it was night or day, and had other requirements based on whether they were inside or outside. Were awakened before dawn and prayed for an hour and a half before they were allowed breakfast, cry me a river. “They beat them!” I don’t know if that’s part of the story yet, calm down. So what if it was if they wrote those novels?

Ah, there it is

the punishments range from wearing badges for being untidy to beatings in front of the whole school.

The following is a standard punishment used by a nearby school during that time – some of you could have used this as kids (or could use it now)

Delinquents were forced to wear boards on their backs for several days at a time, which were printed in large letters with legends such as ‘Guilty of lying’

She herself blames the school for her older sisters’ early deaths

There is no doubt that Charlotte endured great hardship there: her fastidious nature was revolted by the unavoidable evils of communal school life, she rebelled against the loss of freedom

I still think it was worth it, womp womp.


They were educated to be “governesses”, which was a type of tutor the upper-classes used

A decade or so before they were born, Patrick Brontë studied the Greeks and Romans in college. So, seeing that he was a priest, he represented a synthesis of Christianity and antiquity in a sense. Emily Brontë could translate Latin. This is a 1500 page biography, I’m sure there’s lots more to learn about their education. Point is, it seems utterly unlike the kind feminists are given today.

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