A study from 2020

doubt still attaches to scholarly engagement with the medium of video games

That’s absurd. They’re still too new for the older generations to catch on. Some of them should be regarded as higher than film in my opinion. And no scholar is ever going to question if film is worth writing about.

This book caught my eye

I’m thinking of this in an “ACC” sort of way like usual. The more there’s scholarly scrutiny the faster the video game medium will develop toward a fine art.

Academics tend to be (lowkey) elitists and don’t see the potential the medium has. They probably see it as similar to children’s literature or something like that. A lot of it IS on that level. Some of it isn’t. I haven’t even played the newer games and I can think of several that I enjoyed more than any film. If you want to talk about elitism, then…

I would like the youth to be able to interact with antiquity (among other time-periods). You can think of it cynically too- the idea of making learning addictive.

This is only a 250 page book

the chapters of this present volume collectively almost double the total amount of scholarly output in this field

Half of them grew up with Pong, they can’t see it as serious.

This is playing with fire

immediately create a feeling of ‘being’ in an ancient world

I know this is going to drive certain history buffs crazy

In The Melian Game, a web-based text adventure created by Morley with open-source tool Twine, the player can choose between the Athenian and Melian side of the conflict and ‘relive’ the famous Thucydidean dialogue.

For those out of the loop, this dialogue exemplifies Realpolitik. Now children can learn and have fun doing it.

This is just too much

divine character design and balancing the conflict between mortals and immortals in the game’s backstory

This game is called Apotheon. Remember that idea of how Greek theology differs from Hebrew theology in that with the former one somewhat identifies with Zeus? No better way to do that than through a video game. Whoa, this one actually ups the ante. You climb Mt. Olympus in order to challenge Zeus. I’d like a heeb version of this obviously.


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