It seems like everyday over and over I make five or so stand-alone “statements” that I see nowhere else, literally nowhere, and for what? They keep it outside of the horizon where it sprang from. Don’t worry I believe you’ll have freewill someday (insert wink emoji here). This is just part of what “humanity” means I suppose, and the humans don’t even like to know that either. Nothing elevated to find, it’s real soul-deadening. Certain smart ones I see from time to time are banned and I never see them again. Pretty much everything on z-library is on a pleb level. What am I supposed to do in this life to be fulfilled? Are you sick of how I see the world yet, as a never-ending flow of objects with faces? It isn’t a good time I have being alive, and I don’t choose to experience the world that way. I don’t wake up in the morning and think “It’s time to see the world as objects and nothing else with no free thought at all.” I’m very far beyond the point of not caring about them anymore at all, because that’s what they are. The motivation to take a ratchet to the gears disappears when you realize they’ll always be gears. It’s only gotten worse since Biden. There was a spike of freedom at one point before him and that’s gone now. People aren’t so idealistic anymore. They’re happy being part of the corporacracy. True culture will continue to be diminished is what I expect. I could sense earlier while writing about the Congo that that would hit a nerve. You’re truly bringing savagery more and more to the US. Rabble, niggers, intelligentsia aren’t too different in my mind. All part of the same process of being objects who want everything in the world to be objects like them. You know grammar, you know a few fancy words here and there, and you might wear nice clothes, and that’s it, it’s an object in a costume. Schlegel, Brontes, Conrad, you aren’t capable of making an intelligent response to any of those posts, and that’s how it is every day, and how it’s been for years. Nothing to say. A nigger.

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