Congratulations, you’ve graduated to “corporation person”. You now have no independent thought of your own.

It’s a lobotomy ritual I expect not many escape from. “I hate people who remind me of that.” You’re one of them.

Hello people who have survived somehow. I for the hundredth time suggest distance from the demos. The main temptation is to be one with them. If you want to have some self-awareness of what they are I suggest pulling away.

Centuries and centuries this has been happening. The unconscious ones try to make you unconscious too. The ultimate law from my perspective is that their lives aren’t considered “illegal to murder”. It’s only their nonsense laws that keep us from slaughtering all of them. It’s a majority of imbeciles that can’t articulate any counter-argument besides “be part of us or else”. It’s a collection of niggers that try to hide the fact that they’re not human beings. It’s not an exaggeration.

“It’s time for you to accept you should be a monkey.” No, don’t do that. (They will.) They’ve banned dozens and dozens of non-monkeys and now most are ready to play ball to avoid being banned themselves. That’s fine, I’m talking to the one who they haven’t made into an ape yet. What we know of colloquially as “the feds”, their new form is making you accept being a monkey with no self-awareness. Because that’s part of the “greater good”. No, niggers aren’t going to tell me to not have self-awareness. All feds I’d murder if I would not go to prison for it. Feds, crypto-feds, even the ones who seem even like 1/16th of a fed. All that prevents your death is “laws” that mean nothing in reality. It’s better that you’d be violently murdered. Instead all the feds and sell-outs team up to silence people who reveal what they are.

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