I love talking to colored folks on here because I know that there’s a type that isn’t blinded by resentment and can live vicariously through what I say. It’s kind of like when you’re a kid and you climb onto a counter or something and see a room from that height for the first time. Everyone tries to prevent them from having that perspective. Same could be said of other disadvantaged types, (women, the slow in the head, etc.) The only one who gives a shit about your cultivation. It probably would be for the best if we incorporated whipping and caning. As soon as you a show a sign of “the old times”, whether it’s the kitchen, the factory, the jungle, the Pale, immediate punishment would ensue. You can “pavlov’s dog” people in this way. I do not tolerate any signs of that in any way. If you want to act like an object then you’re going to get beaten. I’m just speaking ideally, I’m sure not many would want to volunteer for that. Maybe a light electric shock could be utilized. You know what the “conspiracy” is about in the modern world, right? They want everyone to believe that no opinion is more wrong than any other opinion. That is wrong. It’s easy to fall into that illusion because all the morons team up together to create it, and it’s difficult to disagree with a large crowd. There are ways of going about “feminism” that people won’t like, and yet they seem most effective to me. I don’t have to stand on a counter to see the room that way. If you can’t follow orders from people like that then you will never be that height yourself naturally. You already follow orders from the kagal/zeitgeist so what’s the difference? Besides that one tries to convince you there is no view from the counter? “It’s okay, that doesn’t exist, we try to keep those people on the margins of society so you don’t know about that.” Even intelligent white males have this problem. The equalism doctrine affects pretty much everyone. I am more military-minded myself. You better shut up and listen or everyone is going to die. People would rather everyone die than accept that. Some of us joke about the “strong independent woman”. There’s a male equivalent to that too. A coup would be impossible with those type of men. Education in general is impossible when equalism is regarded as “the highest wisdom”. It reminds me of how hippies barged into one of Adorno’s classes, some topless imbeciles bouncing their tits around. Oh yeah, we got the Brain Trust here. I honestly think our zeitgeist or whatever you want to call it has doomed most women in our time. The evolution of their spirit is reversed. You think being quiet and meek in a bonnet in church was bad? There’s something worse than that. Let’s just say when they do a strip-tease I’m not even going to put a one dollar bill in their garter. It’s because they’re worth nothing, not even worth a penny. There’s nothing attractive about an object. Being able to listen to those who don’t have to stand on a counter, that’s attractive. It’s too bad that with our Mathematical Maoism there’s not much hope many will ever be that way. The propaganda machine permits not one second of a glimpse that is free from it. Being a “stripper” is the highest vocation in life to them. The kind of men who give strippers attention aren’t the kind you want attention from in the first place. Like I said though, that’s all they know, so. The view from the counter is that they’d be a lot better off if they underwent an intensive reprogramming involving violence, verbal or otherwise. If they don’t they’re going to remain part of the machine, and you don’t want to be part of the machine. It’s not either/or, you don’t have to be quiet in a bonnet or be the lowest of the low, there’s a middle way. And no, that’s not an exaggeration- the lowest of the low are lauded as the ideal person everyone should aspire to be. No, I see you for what you are- a failure. One who tries to wear it like it’s a badge of honor that they’ve sunken beneath human dignity.

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