This is one of Francis Bacon’s self-portraits

Some people probably feel like that inside, and you’d never know looking at their face.

Some people are the opposite. They feel like they’re not as ugly as they look

100s of millions use this app every month in China. They whiten their skin and widen their eyes.

While I’m certain people don’t want to hear it, this could potentially be a healthy form of humility. Seeing themselves as a white person can help them strive to be more white.

Perhaps it ISN’T that they see themselves as beautiful on the inside. Perhaps they feel ugly there too. And seeing themselves as white in a picture makes them feel like it’s possible to be beautiful on the inside as well.

I read recently somewhere that Chinese women are enthusiastic about a future app that allows people to perceive them in real life through this sort of beautifying lens! The AI for it is already in development.

I think all women who aren’t supermodels wouldn’t mind something like that (secretly). I bet even supermodels themselves wouldn’t mind that. This is one of the uses CRISPR could have, no app needed anymore with that.

China kept itself isolated from the west for centuries. They didn’t have to worry about this problem. Yes, this is a national problem of theirs. Did you see the numbers? Hundreds of millions. This is because of the internet and movies, i.e. technological “progress”. I’m sure certain people in the Chinese government don’t see it as progress. Being able to see white people so easily has caused this self-loathing.

This is part of the recurring theme here of beauty being able to be excessive.

The Chinese are among the more refined races, so it’s no surprise they’re at the vanguard of this. Other races are too proud of themselves to have self-loathing and recognize whites for what they are.

All proggism is about is hiding all of this.

What I wonder is do these Chinese women also seek to be white in a spiritual sense. If I had to guess, that isn’t as important as looking white. Most people are cosmetic creatures, especially women. They’re fine seeming rather than being a certain way.

I try to give you an app of sorts that whitens the skin and widens the eyes.

The US is moving in the opposite direction because of the jealousy of the ugly Jew for one. For two, whites themselves can intuit that blacks and browns are just like those Chinese women on some level and feel terrible about it. Whites in turn feel terrible for THEM.

You might have noticed that for the past couple years or so the left has been using bots which they genuinely treat as real human beings in order to preserve the illusion that POC have souls. Seriously, they’ve been doing that, they pretend they’re not bots, this is a real phenomenon. They’re similar to those Chinese women who use that app. All of feminism is about “using an app” to beautify themselves so they deserve the respect a man does. No, you have your own domain of what makes you respectful, and being a man-hating spirit of vengeance is not it. All of leftism is about wearing goggles that use tek to see “white skin and wide eyes” where they are not. You don’t need an “app” for that when you have a multi-trillion dollar mind-control industry. Yes, before me is a genuine human being, you’ve convinced me! Sadly the mind-control is effective and many ARE convinced.

With those Chinese women though, my first thought is what price will be paid for that deception. If this peasant woman who’s eaten birds and anything that crawls, and has believed in the most archaic superstitions for centuries is now able to look beautiful with this technology, what happens in a conversation with them? The peasant will still be there, it will just be disguised. That level of base spirituality will be beautified to seem like something that it’s not. In other words, the braindead superstitious type of person will be perceived as a refined soul because they are looked at through those distorting goggles. Do you follow? That type of lowly person will be now perceived as not a lowly person. It’s not easy to express this clearly. The lowly will be normalized as beautiful. Of course, we see that in the US more and more every day.

This is why I count Francis Bacon’s paintings as fine art, because that one I showed you initially prompted all this reflection.

Hundreds of millions in the East use that app because they feel like one of his paintings. Whereas in the West, hundreds of millions use an ideology that is like that app because they recognize that people feel like one of those paintings.

“And why should we let them feel that way?!” The point is that when whites believe in that ideology they resemble more and more those paintings themselves.

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