That August Schlegel had a brother Friedrich who was just as prolific. This is from 1841, you don’t see this in books these days

It’s because that isn’t the paramount value anymore.

This is around the time Emerson was writing some of his best essays. We don’t only have to look to the Golden Ages of Europe and the Middle East, there were better times in the US too.

Something I realized while writing that post on video games yesterday was that when you “level up” in the real world it’s only a disadvantage, not an advantage.

Whatever, it’s too late for me. So I’m looking at these old lectures on literature.

The Schlegel brothers were a couple of the forerunners of the movement known as Romanticism. It’s not about valentine’s cards or something, people usually think of this painting

Multiple arts were involved in this. I showed you yesterday how August wrote about tragic drama, both ancient and modern.

When one hears “Romanticism” one often thinks of Shelley and Byron. This is the side from England which appeared about the same time. A similar dynamic in Europe 300 years earlier with Machiavelli and Erasmus and the Southern and Northern Renaissances.

I wish I was the kind of person who knew how to make infographics because I’d show you a visible timeline. The Islamic Golden Age ended about 300 years before the European Renaissances.

This all might look innocent on the surface. To me, it is. Others see it as an intolerable burden. I sometimes even see whites resort to “muh dik!!! Horses!!!!” They just want to have sex and forget about the weight of the ideals. Yes, you are rabble, go off and have sex so you don’t have to think too much. Does your equally thoughtless blowup doll have its own unique sound-effects or do they sound like all the other blowup dolls’? I jacked off too much yesterday (wonder why I posted “that” picture the night before?) and the result was I wasn’t very alert. It really do be like that. Then I thought, “Why be alert, they hate people like that anyway.” Lots of people probably have that thought-process. Just fuck and forget you have the responsibility to use your freewill to fix the world. Animals, machines that breed and perpetuate machines that breed.

This on that Schlegel introduction, this looks exciting

we are enabled to introduce to the American public, a work so admirably designed and executed as the present, for inducing a love of literary pursuits.

This intro is a praising of the life of the mind, one you will not read in anything our publishing houses print today. Like Rosen said, the gentleman replaced the philosopher and the people replaced the gentleman. In the 19th century it was still the time of the gentleman in America. In a word, these lectures were given before the time of Marx.

Looks like Friedrich gets on France’s case too like his brother. This is a sign of good taste, and something the French desperately need to hear

Return to a better and higher species of philosophy in France–Bonald and St. Martin–Sir William Jones and Burke.

Postmodern thinkers ruined their culture, it’s time to say goodbye to them.

You’re not allowed to begin a lecture in this way today

In the following discourses, it is my design to give a general view of the development and of the spirit of literature among the most illustrious nations of ancient as well as of modern times

Illustriousness? That’s obviously racist.

He equates literature with mental exertion and mental production. That’s why people hate it.

Ha, if you want a challenging one check out that Choinski. Normies will have to break their brain to understand him clearly. And it’s not like it’s calculus or something, it’s simply too far in conflict with the belief-system we’ve had since we were young. I genuinely do see all that old Polish literature I showed you a while back as very similar to the importance of Schlegel translating Roger for the Germans. It does hinge on the question of exertion. People do not want to exert themselves. They prefer to be sensation-sponges. The show and snack on the couch, just like that fat middle-aged man stereotype that’s been lampooned since I can remember.

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