I can’t be the only one who finds a humorous quality to this?

It’s creepy how “Sympatycznym nie mógł być dla nikogo kupiec, handlujący żywym towarem” autotranslates


You might have noticed I took a kind of hiatus from this for a while. These are the two planes of the theological-political. I’ve been theorizing about it in more of a pure sense without any historical particularities. Let’s just say, Choinski is the last name you’d see on that Index. That’s flying wayyyy too close to the Sun. Many of the ones on that Index are too old anyway- like I’ve said before, the possibility of boomers being able to understand this plane is not very high.

I want you to understand the gravity of this. This is what Spinoza was concerned about too in his own time and place. None of those scholars on that Index probably are able to breathe in this stratosphere. And they constitute much of the upper-strata of scholarship in general. This is beyond cursed and taboo. The ones who call the shots in our culture at the highest political-spiritual level were human traffickers when they arrived in Poland and human traffickers when they departed from Poland. Whether they departed from the mortal coil or via boat to the New World. And in Ukraine and Romania it was a similar story. Live-merchants and a press that covered it up. Are they that bad these days? Symbolically they have the same spirit.

Ask yourself, which subject makes you more uneasy? When I theorize about the theological-political abstractly or when I bring up Jews. Whichever one makes you more uneasy is probably the one that’s on a higher plane of discourse. Still, both need to be weaved together.

Oh, let’s feel bad for the human traffickers and those who covered it up, and now let’s base EVERYTHING IN OUR SOCIETY around that. That’s called living in an illusion, a very harmful illusion. You’ve been spiritually trafficked into having that illusion.

“Please, for the love of god, go back to talking about Spinoza!! Please, PLEASE!!”

Okay, so I wonder which plane of discourse is more Spinoza-like.

What causes the passions of the irrational many to go into an unthinking frenzy?

Let’s talk about the Netherlands of the 17th century, how about that, would that make you feel less uneasy?

“This is all made-up. Dreidel dreidel, muh dreidel.” No, Choinski and many others paint the same picture of that time. “That time” being the same 20th century many of us were born in.

Secretive control of various European countries and the deliberate, systematic degradation of the populations. All the while “the innocent Jews” covered the tracks of their coethnics. Sound familiar to you at all?

They had it better in old Europe because at least they only had the Pale. In the US we have both the Pale and the Congo. Conniving hateful merchants plus hooting baboons. All “forgiven” because those human traffickers were such VICTIMS and we have to cry for them! And most people in Poland had a family member that was pimped out by a kike. Choinski says that kills a woman’s soul. We are seeing a lot of that today.

“17th century Netherlands, please, please…”

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