Didn’t know he’d read the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus

Hobbes speaks of Spinoza as engaged in a project that is not only like his own but the same as his own, with the difference that in carrying it out Spinoza was even bolder than he himself had been.

Something to keep in mind when reading that other great work that defines “mind”, the Leviathan.

Jumping from Choinski to this plane is such a drop in adrenaline. And most people stay far away from either plane. How dull must their lives be.

Ugh, it never fails to disgust me beholding the (well-hidden) reality of all this. The worst kinds of corrupt people want the Jews protected from questioning because the Jews protect THEM from being judged. They both work together to maintain an “order” of immorality. That isn’t order, that’s chaos. “We’re going to continue to protect them because we don’t like being seen for what we are.” What, nasty? Putrid? Who would ever accuse you of that? You’re an innocent person after all and there’s nothing about you to judge. You’re not a “bitter, spiteful hag” who is “brutally ugly” on the inside or anything like that, no one ever accused you of that. A face like the sole of a foot (on the inside). That’s not detectable in anyone. People are only their actual face, there’s nothing disgusting hiding behind it like a Bacon painting, that is clear. Smelling a soul is like smelling a rose, every soul is the same in that sense. We love that equality. None of them smell like a rotten festering corpse. So floral, very moral. “That word doesn’t mean anything!” curses the evil witch. Yes it does, whore. The last remaining part of you that is alive at all (which isn’t much) should be snuffed out, because all you can do with that is spread your vice which you never will admit to. Sounds like a piece of shit to me. Wait wait I forgot, no one’s accusing anyone of anything here, that’s the story right? Good thing you have your human trafficker protectors cultivating this order of immorality or else oh no maybe you’d actually learn from your mistakes for once? You stupid bitch? Voting rights, voting rights? AHAHAHAH! This animal that walks on all fours deserves a ballot, okay. A hole without a soul and a head without a brain. It’s all too true. A Jew’s whore, that’s your life. And if you manage to crap out a niglet that’ll be that poor sheboon’s life too. Lots of beautiful things on the way in America, personally I’m excited. Even the flies will steer clear of the puddle of dung on the way. Some are built different, some love to do breaststrokes through something like that. Yup, some are built different, some don’t want to be judged for being an awful person who legally shouldn’t be allowed around children. That must be tough to face if that’s you. Probably’d have to live in a constant state of denial. Maybe even needing to go through daily rituals to justify why your soul smells like such a rose. Oh it does, it does.

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