I’ve been writing in a public place more or less for years without caring about whether I’ll be arrested. That allows me to see things others don’t see. I’ve never cared about feds, if they want to arrest me they can. If you have that inhibition that worries about that then you’re not going to be able to see anything. “Knock knock” – do you know how many thoughts that fear snuffs out? No tenured social scientist knows anything about this either. I’ve utterly rejected the system at its very root. Whereas they’re just vegetables that grow off the plant. All these vegetables necessarily hate someone like me because–they’re feds.

I had a moment earlier where I could almost empathize with this type. Immerse in the world of kikes and whores. How easy life would be if you just gave up. Most people have done that. “I want a scrap of something, please.” Who wants even a scrap of that? You’re just aligning yourself with the forces of vice, and I’d even go as far as to use the word evil.

Wow, how noble, being a fed. What happened? You thought you were going to do something good for the world, maybe when you were young. How’d that turn out? Now you think there’s no problem with humans not being allowed to be in society?

Only if they’re adequately submissive to the kikes and whores. Then they’re allowed in. That’s really something to be proud of in life. That’s the kind of world you’re creating. “I want a SCRAP!” Being passive and such a pushover only perpetuates the problem.

If you’ve been playing the ketman game for years you have elaborate mental illnesses which only someone who hasn’t been playing that game can see. The scrap isn’t worth it if you know what it is exactly that they guarantee you for playing ball like a good goy. They used to sing songs on those plantations in the South didn’t they? There’s a joy to that. You get to live and you get to be a slave again in the next life. That’s what that scrap is. “Maybe in the next one I won’t be that way.” If you’re that way now the chances are you’ve been telling yourself that for thousands of years.

“So what is your solution.” I’ve already given you 100 ideas for exit a while back. A secretive society can form gradually somewhere people won’t wonder too much about. “The feds will follow us there too.” Alright, so you see what’s going on. They want absolute control and if any of their plantation workers steps out of line they will see to it to make an example of it to the other negroes. Quit pretending you’re something more than that. They keep even the geniuses of the world on their farm. They’ll make sure you’re buried if you challenge them. They don’t care about “truth” or “goodness”, they care about control.

You’re probably already such a slave that it doesn’t matter, you’re happy to get your scrap, that isn’t worth anything. Just makin’ do, that’s all it is. There’s no real idealism there.

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