There is a hell when you die, it’s not being blonde haired and blue eyed in the next life. And let’s not mention the spirit to match. It’s too bad the demons want all the world to be hell like the congo and pale. “Nothing matters.” – so says all the different types of nigger, and there are many of them. “We hate the ones who invented science.” – Yeah, I’m going to guess you’re less than human. Do you have brown eyes? “We hate science and innovators!!” – so you… aren’t very creative yourself? If you see humanity as mostly toddlers throwing a tantrum then your perception would be more accurate than most interpretations out there. The jungle was your choice, the merch life was your choice, the baby-machine life was your choice. You all decided that consciously, for many generations.

Not trying to be a cosmetic person here, I simply believe it’s easy to get a decent understanding of them if they have brown eyes. There’s a type of nigger with light eyes too, don’t get me wrong. Just trying to be objective, the first ones that would have to be vetted are people who are brown in any sense. “Nazi!” Yes. The Italians, somewhat begrudgingly, agreed with the Germans. Remember the Chinese app? Similar idea. Italians who cannot accept all this are simply niggers. Go live in the Congo, nigger. Same with Jews, Irish, Slavs, any others “ethnic” white.

I’ve said before I identify with the priests of history in a certain way. What “theology” is in our time is paper-shredded. They use the mobs and tek and kikes to make sure no one has an understanding of what that is. I will give you a very simple definition. You sit somewhere quiet and read a difficult text for TWO HOURS without stopping. “I’m going to choose a book of Satanism then.” That isn’t difficult. “I’m reading TWENTY TWO HOURS of nonsense every day.” And you can’t devote two to something that isn’t contemptible? “No, I’m nothing, not a person.” Yeah, this is the new ethos. Deciding to be an ape for social justice causes in order for the political order to never question you is a reality. “I’m less than human, at least I am approved by the most corrupt people in the world, sorry if I scapegoat you in the process, it must be that I’m no different from them myself.” So you’re telling me you have the attention-span to focus on something that is distant from public opinion?

“No, I AM public opinion.”

So no value to be found there. Only pretended value. Nice boobs and stuff, you were like shilling for the establishment for years, do tell me about that? A very sexy person.

Somewhere cold where they wouldn’t find us, that’s where we’d have to go.

“I’m an establishment shill reading this and I think you should be questioned for reasons I cannot formulate.”

Why can’t you formulate them? What’s with the scapegoating for years? Are you actually a nigger? That seems to be the conclusion.

“Forget about people with consciousness, use bots to help us forget.” – Nigger people. Some of the greatest minds. It’s good to see you all for what you are.

It’s always Penelope that I’ve written for. Jews and muds are worth nothing. Accept that fact and proceed from there. The pale and the congo want to make you doubt your European refinement. It so happens that I find you to be the most beautiful thing in the world when you can pull that off. If you’re a sell-out you’re just ugly.

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